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  1. Tinkerbelle

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    So, you are considering selling or buying some equipment and do not know where best to sell or shop for your product. You have heard about AudioKarma Barter Town but cannot yet see it; you have looked at other options but do not know if they are a better venue than Barter Town. How do you decide? This post is intended to help you with that decision.

    Barter Town is a private forum on AK where you can sell, buy or trade all types of audio or non-audio gear. It is available only to AK Subscribers. It is essentially a mini online selling/buying/trading location where members post want-it ads, for-sale, for trade and occasionally for free. You can see some typical types of thread postings in Barter Town Preview forum at this location:

    Barter Town is set up differently than some other sites and it does not normally run auctions where the price can keep going up and up, except where used to benefit charities or AudioKarma. In contrast, the selling & bartering in BT are far more interactive and real-time friendly, much like you might find when buying or selling at a market.

    It costs $25 a year to become a subscriber and you have many benefits with that subscription vs. a regular member. The extra benefits can be seen here: There are no additional costs, fees, or handling charges.

    In addition to the benefits, you get to support this fine site and more easily meet some of the more regular members in these subscriber-only forums.

    The Marketplace Classifieds section is a public place where you pay a small fee per item for an ad to buy, sell or trade your products or services. This is seen by the whole online viewers, so it is to a much bigger audience. All AK members can post in the AK Marketplace. For a limited introductory time, the listings are free to AK members. To start a new listing in The Marketplace use the Marketplace link in the main navigation bar at the top of every page.


    The best option will much depend on what you plan to sell or buy over the coming year or so. If you only ever want to sell one item and would like as many members or non-members as possible to see your ad, then you might want to consider the Marketplace. If you plan to buy and sell a few times or want to have the opportunity to trade up/down or different in your audio or other equipment, then you might want to consider a subscription and using Barter Town.

    Another consideration is that AK subscribers in Barter Town are generally more well known members and so there can be a little extra feeling of comfort dealing with that smaller number of persons. The AK Marketplace is frequented only by AK members, so again it is for persons interested in the same hobby and with whom you could well be familiar rather than the general public at large, like you would on, say, eBay, Craigslist or a local newspaper ad. However, there is no guarantee that that will be the case either way. It is always good to do a search on members in the Feedback forum:

    Hopefully this gives you a little more insight into your options.

    Thanks again for considering AK.


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  2. Rybeam

    Rybeam Super Member

    Where is Barter Town on the site ?
    I cannot find it!

  3. Tinkerbelle

    Tinkerbelle Everything in Moderation ------- Hudson Valley, NY Super Mod Subscriber

    Barter Town is available only to subscribers. When you become a subscriber ($25.00 for one year) there will be several new forums available to you, in addition to many other subscriber benefits. Please refer to this thread for more details:
  4. jeffpaletz

    jeffpaletz AK Subscriber Subscriber

    How long does it take for the new forums to show up. I paid yesterday and still nothing.
  5. Tinkerbelle

    Tinkerbelle Everything in Moderation ------- Hudson Valley, NY Super Mod Subscriber

    When you paid did you do this using the Pay button or the Subscribe button? Normally it clears through quite quickly unless you used the Pay button, which is used when members want to send extra payment for support rather than subscription.

    Please send a PM to AK Admin luvvinvinyl and he will square this away for you. Refer to this post: If you need any further clarifications just PM me and I will work it for you.
  6. Rybeam

    Rybeam Super Member

    I paid around 3 days ago. Does it show up as a thread with the others?
  7. Tinkerbelle

    Tinkerbelle Everything in Moderation ------- Hudson Valley, NY Super Mod Subscriber

    As with jeffpaletz above, using the Pay button instead of the Subscribe button will allocate the funds to support donation rather than subscription. AK Admin luvvunvinyl will address this for you.
  8. KmacD

    KmacD New Member

    Thanks for the explanation explaining the differences in the two.
  9. luvvinvinyl

    luvvinvinyl Admin Staff Member Admin Subscriber

    The Members Classifieds got borked with a past vBulletin update. Click on Marketplace, in the top toolbar, to post an ad at the AK Marketplace.

    If you are not using paypal, the Marketplace ad will cost you a dollar, which goes to Panjo, not AK.
  10. Chris Durant

    Chris Durant Active Member

    How do I access Bartertown

    Joined tonight to look for some goodies and support the site which I am enjoying quite a bit.

    How do I access Bartertown, or is there a waiting period once I subscribe?

    Thanks, Chris / Flaps
  11. Tinkerbelle

    Tinkerbelle Everything in Moderation ------- Hudson Valley, NY Super Mod Subscriber

    Thank you for subscribing and helping to support AK!

    You are showing now as a subscriber and have the red Subscriber banner below your screen name.

    When you log in you should see an added section containing several forums at the top of the forums page. This is visible only to subscribers. If you do not see this, then log out, clear all cookies and log back in and you should be good to go.

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