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Battle of the 70's - Round One continues...

Discussion in 'AK Polls' started by purple kelly, Jun 2, 2017.


Out of these, whom did you like the best

  1. Steely Dan

  2. Santana

  3. Bad Company

  4. Moody Blues

  5. Bachman Turner Overdrive

  6. Electric Light Orchestra

  7. Jethro Tull

  1. purple kelly

    purple kelly the polyamorous princess

    Baltimore, MD
    Pick one, winner will move on to round 2

    Traffic and Alan Parsons Project previously moved on


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  2. purple kelly: Are you on fire as of late or what? My pick: Steely Dan. Their 1972 debut Can't Buy a Thrill is an indisputalbe jazz-rock classic that cemented its place in history by grabbing the ears of listeners who detested metal/hard rock but who also craved more substance and intellectual panache than could be provided by soft rock. Even though a few tracks centered on "heavy" subjects like infidelity ("Diry Work") and a lack of direction in life ("Reelin' In the Years"), the entire sonic backdrop of the duo's debut project couldn't help but make listeners bob their heads and tap their toes with Fagen's wizardry on the black and whites and Becker's not overly complex but still engaging work on electric and bass guitar.
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  3. exhippy

    exhippy I use to have long hair. Now I'm lucky to have any Subscriber

    St. Louis County, MO. U.S.A.
    Can I get a four for the price of one? :D

    Steely Dan......:rockon:


    Moody Blues...:rockon:

    Jethro Tull.......:rockon:

    ...and ELO deserves a mention.
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  4. BillJGW

    BillJGW Active Member

    SE WI
    Tull all the way. I saw them in 1977 after Songs from the Wood came out. They were great live.
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  5. Quadman2

    Quadman2 Addicted Member

    For what occasion?

  6. NeedForSpeed

    NeedForSpeed Living In The Past Subscriber

    SF Bay Area
    It was tough, All are in heavy rotation here. I chose Tull, The music is very interesting, And still hear new things on the albums. Not an easy choice.


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  7. Imanoldee

    Imanoldee AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Livermore CA
    Seeing that list I just can not play Solomon to those boys. (I think they are all boys in the bands)
  8. Ross6860

    Ross6860 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I love Santana's guitar work and Latin influence, and I was a late comer to Bad Company, but for sheer volume of work, variety, and definitely not like any other "rock" band's sound, I have been and always will be a "Tull Head":rockon:

    I agree with NeedForSpeed. I still hear new things in their work as my gear gets better.

    Saw them after Songs from the Wood, again when Under Wraps and "A" came out, and lastly around 1998.

    I think I have the first 16 studio albums. By far the most I have from one band. Led Zeppelin broke up before they got that far, otherwise I would have more of their work;)
  9. MaxxVolume

    MaxxVolume Addicted Member

    I am 100% in agreement with this ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  10. Rockyhill

    Rockyhill No marigolds in the promised land Subscriber

    My first Tull concert was the 1972 TAAB tour, followed by 1973 APP and 1974 WC. All seen at Boston Garden. Or should I say "heard" as the atmosphere was cloudy! Ian Anderson is, like many of these bands creative leaders, a musical genius.
  11. Rockyhill

    Rockyhill No marigolds in the promised land Subscriber

    I must have missed the prior poll. I would have voted for Traffic too.


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  12. sqlsavior

    sqlsavior AK Subscriber Subscriber

    EspaƱola NM
    Saw Jethro Tull in Colorado a few years ago. Ian looks like a biker now.
  13. Hajidub

    Hajidub Chihuahua/Pug = Chug Subscriber

    Colorado Springs, CO
    Should be a "thank god for the UK" option. Firm believer that the UK carried the entire rock genre during the 70's. Honestly not trying to crap on this thread just expressing an opinion.
  14. MuchoReverbo

    MuchoReverbo New Member

    Only four of the list are actually 70's bands.
    • Steely Dan
    • Bad Company
    • BTO
    • ELO
    The others are 60's bands that lasted into the 70's.

    All of the bands listed were iconic but I'd probably have to lean towards ELO as my favorite simply because of their 1976 album "A New World Record" which is without a doubt one of the greatest masterpieces of rock history. I remember when it was released. Critics were calling ELO the Beatles of the 70's but they didn't quite live up to those accolades as their subsequent releases, while still impressive, didn't quite match the genius of A New World Record. It's hard to top the Beatles. That's raising the bar pretty-high.

    While ELO merged orchestra with rock, Steely Dan merged jazz with rock better than anyone has done since. Bad Company was a great band but they were more of a continuation of the 60's band Free. BTO was definitely a 70's band. A great sound with several memorable hit records. "Not Fragile" is one of their best albums. Jethro Tull was great in the 70's as were the Moody Blues and Santana.

    Electric Light Orchestra gets my vote as my favorite band of the 70's.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2017
  15. Cosmicmes

    Cosmicmes Active Member

    Ocala, Fl
    THE DAN! No band that made their debut in the 70's is even close. And they may have had the most interesting, and the fewest "filler songs" in their albums of possibly ANY band. Even now, over forty years, and countless listenings, I still hear fresh nuances. Well, spending a few dollars more on my system doesn't hurt......:beerchug:
  16. Amon Guinn

    Amon Guinn New Member

    I really like the list used for comparison, but will be so differentiated in opinion it's scary! Anywho...........My only pick for first would also be Jethro Tull......Blues,yes! Rock/Jazz, yes! Pop/Rock Fusion, yes! What they haven't done can be measured on one finger! If you'd ask most bands that made it in the 70's (and 80's) would probably ALL say JT (Ian Anderson) had/has been an influence on a lot of thier album music or styles.........in one form or another. I got a head start on most of my family when I was listening to Blues in 67' and beyond and across my ears came a lot of bands that started in that Genre.
    (If I rermember correctly:):::.

    #1....BTO.....Bachman and Turner both were in the group Guess Who (Canadian) all during the later 60's and BTO started later when the GW broke up in the later 70's
    #2.....ELO......Jeff Lynne was in a band with Todd Rundgren called "Nazz" (Heavy Metal for the era) in the 1960's and the first recording of "Hello It's Me" was on the 2nd album, Razz Nazz and vinyl was red!!!! A very slow version if you can imagine that one???!!!
    #3.......All of these bands are great in thier own way and I have owned 8 tracks, cassettes, LP's, CD's, MP3's and soon will be streaming..........One band worth mentioning would also be "The Kinks" (from the 60's to the 90's).......hits galore and very talented......Ray Davies was and is still a great influence on many good, talented artists today.


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  17. stereofanboy

    stereofanboy Addicted Member

    I count myself a fan of the Guess Who and BTO, but never knew about Turner being in the Guess Who.

    Likewise ELO and Todd Rundgren, but never knew about Jeff Lynne and Nazz. It's odd that Lynne would come to the US to be in an American band and then return to England to start ELO.

    I guess sometimes your first success is far from home as Jimi and the Stray Cats could both attest. Well, if Jimi was still alive.....and if he didn't count being in other people's bands as success.

    I picked ELO because although I like some on the list just as or nearly as much, I actually remember listening to ELO during the '70s. I didn't listen to the others much until after I started high school in 1980.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2017
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  18. Amon Guinn

    Amon Guinn New Member


    Yes.....even Hendrix played guitar (very short time) for the Isley Brothers back in 1969 (I think???) especially the song "Who's That Lady" and they could not have cared less about Jimi......all they knew was he was just another guitar player to them......who knew he'd make more money than they did in a shorter time period, LOL!!
    Stevie Ray V also played guitar in a David Bowie song (weird huh?).......I believe it may have been "Let's Dance"???
    I was 60 in April and still can remember listening to Pink Floyd's (by the way, which one's PINK?) "Dark Side of the Moon" and Mott the Hoople on 8 Track in my 70' Challenger! Those days are fading, but still I find them interesting times of what I call "Peak Rock"......Boston, Sweet, GFR w/ Mark Farner, BTO, and the rest of what carved my youth into the mangled mess........no..... seriously, the era brought forth fond memories of a trouble free youth and goofy girl friends, LOL!!!
  19. Dave_1962

    Dave_1962 Lunatic Member

    Ontario, Canada
    Jethro Tull_:rockon:
  20. BOUXY

    BOUXY Super Member


    Fred Turner was NEVER in and I mean NEVER in The Guess Who! I known Fred all my life:)
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