Beauty of a 1954 Electrohome Clarion Console

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by diamondsouled, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. diamondsouled

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    Having never seen one of these before I had to share it with my fellow console enthusiasts here. From a Canadian audio site:

    I was going to cannibalize this unit this unit, but looking at it, this is too cool to deserve that fate . So I’ll accept the first reasonable OFFER that I get for it. The cabinet looks like a black ash dragged finish, & the component pieces are in very nice condition. I think the unit dates from 1954 based on some of the labeling on the back of the consol. This would be a great accent piece for a loft or large room finished in retro styling. The unit is in working order, so this is not only great eye candy. It has AM & FM radio, a Garrard Model RC 88/4 record changer, & all tube components. The table runs but I have been unable to get it to play., not being familiar with them The speaker system is mono consisting of a 15” woofer, 2 of 8” mid range drivers, & one Jensen 6” H.F. horn. There is no name on any of the other drivers. The power unit uses 2 of 6L6 tubes. There are 12 other tubes in the unit, but none are Mullard or any of the highly sought after tubes. If you’ve got this far look at the photos. SWEET !


    As I get to be an old man, I realize that it is time to dispose of many of my audio treasures in order to facilitate a move to smaller accommodations. I plan to list a number of items over the next few months for this purpose.

    Pictures here:

    Better pics here:

    No affiliation. Except being oldish, and Canadian, as well as a tube head who wouldn't have the heart to cannibalize such a beaut.
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  2. diamondsouled

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    Still trying to figure out exactly what the bass tone and treble tone indicators on the bottom half of this Electrohome actually do.

    Can't track down a schematic to see if there is any eye tubes or such in the set up.

    Just for looks? Any guesses?

    Contour indicators? Mmmmm. That would seem a bit high tech for the time.


  3. spartanmanor

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    Love the lines, she is a beaut!
  4. electroking

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    Great find! Just note that the 54- prefix you found on the labels does not
    refer to the year, it was used on Electrohome paperwork for many years.
    From the looks of that Garrard changer, I would say the date would
    be more like 1956. Any other opinions?
  5. diamondsouled

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    Actually the unit's not mine. :no: Might be if I was living closer and had a big room or nice garage for such beauties. The black finish on the cabinet is pretty interesting for it's time. I'd bet that the 'old man' would part with it for a song to an appreciative person would keep er whole.

  6. dickard

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    There is one of these units in a local thrift store. They're asking $25. I'm tempted to get it, but I really only want the amplifier. I'd feel really bad tearing it apart as it's such a neat looking unit, and a great example of local manufacturing history.
  7. resound

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    Did you see some of the other stuff in the photo gallery?
    Id keep my eye on these classifieds or call him and see what else he's letting go.


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