becker speakers are they still around

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by vega ls-12, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. vega ls-12

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    just curious if anybody knows if becker is still around???they were a small co based out of upstate ny,that used to sell speakers out of ames etc ...i used to live about 20 min from the factory.just curious if anybody has any info
  2. GordonW

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    I dunno if this might be faulty memory at work, but I remembered Becker speakers as being a division of the Becker company from Germany, that made, among other things, factory radios for Mercedes-Benz cars during the 1970s through the early 1990s.

    I did remember the assembly plant being in New York. I used to use a lot of their car-specific drivers, including the 222 dome tweeter and many of their midwoofers and coax drivers (6.5", 6x9 and 8", mostly). They always sounded pretty darn good to me.

    AFAIK, Becker also made a lot of the MCS brand speakers. If you open up many of these, you'll find the number "24" stamped either by itself, or with a date code, on the back of the woofer magnets. This was the EIA manufacturer code for Becker...

  3. vega ls-12

    vega ls-12 Cerwin Vega fanatic

    yeah i was wondering if they were the same...the becker i remeber used to make cheap ass car boxes for sale at ames and the like

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