Biradial stylus? Confused about differences.

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Detailman, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Detailman

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    I've been trying different cartridges that I have lying around.
    Grado Blue, Shure M55EM, and an AT3500E.
    The AT sounds about as good as any and with the E I just assumed it was elliptical.
    When I checked the cartridge database it said biradial and I don't quite understand the differences in conical etc.
    Would anyone enlighten me?
  2. jcmjrt

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  3. hakaplan

    hakaplan Needs professional help

    Yep, very good intro site.

    All those cartridges are elliptical (or biradial).
  4. Joey1127

    Joey1127 Well-Known Member

    Good Question...

    The thing is, ALL "Elliptical" labeled styli are truly Bi-Radial, not Elliptical. In a 2-d world, I guess you could say the stylus is Elliptical, but in the "real world" they are really Bi-Radial in design. Even Shure originaly called them Bi-Radial untill it became cool to say Elliptical.
  5. it's the small radius of the ellip that contacts the groove more better than conical. conical is just that, shaped like a cone, 1 radius. Nothing wrong with them but biradial/elliptical is much better for tracking and getting the most info out of the groove. ie: hi'er fi.
    Altho conical is used extensivly in lower cost stylii, it is a good choice for 45s and 78s, where grooves are larger.
  6. Detailman

    Detailman Addicted to tweaking

    Thanks all.
    Good link with understandable explanation.
    Cleared up my question. Just like a college course with the experience and knowledge on this forum.
    The help is really appreciated.
    Found this AT3500E on a thrift tt and must say I don't think it's an expensive one but a pretty good all around cartridge.
  7. hakaplan

    hakaplan Needs professional help

    Yep, decent cartridge. It's either a rebadged AT11E or AT12E depending on whether it's green or blue.
  8. Detailman

    Detailman Addicted to tweaking

    It's green and one time when ordering some stuff got a new stylus cause the orig suspension was shot. It's pretty decent but I have a hard time making up my mind about what is best.
    Guess that's what keeps us going!!!!!!!!
    Sometimes it's amazing what you can get for a couple bucks from the thrift with a beat up tt.
  9. Detailman

    Detailman Addicted to tweaking

    You are right on the money cause the stylus I bought was ATS 11E.

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