Boston Acoustic A100's - What's a good price to pay?

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by AintBeenDead, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. AintBeenDead

    AintBeenDead New Member

    Obviously "as little as possible" is always the best answer. As I feel the need to keep saying, I'm new to all this, so my knowledge is minimal. However I've read in several places that BA A100's are quite good. What's a fair price? and are all BA A100's good?, or are there different versions of the series, where possibly a later model isn't as desirable. Provided they are in excellent condition as well.
  2. Mystery

    Mystery constantly upgrading...

    If excellent may be $20 more.
  3. janikphoto

    janikphoto Member

    I've had a150's and a200's... they are very nice-sounding speakers! Not sure about the 100's, but the 150's sell for $100-$150 on average, and the 200's around $150-$250 in great shape.
  4. RossW

    RossW AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I wouldn't pay $100 for A100s, $75 tops IMO. If they're mint maybe $85.
  5. human1138

    human1138 Kwisatz Haderach Subscriber

    If the woofer foam surrounds are original they will need to be replaced. Not a big deal but that should factor into your decision. Refoam kits are maybe another $15-20 and a couple hours of your time.
  6. Noreaster

    Noreaster New Member

    Assuming they will need to be re-foamed, I wouldn't spend much more than $60. Re-foamed and in nice condition they usually go for $80-$100. However, if it's the version with the oak veneer (instead of fake wood vinyl) expect to pay a little more. By the way, the A100s are easy to re-foam...
  7. human1138

    human1138 Kwisatz Haderach Subscriber

    I paid $120 for freshly refoamed a150s and $200 for a400s that needed refoam. So...$75-$100 seems about right for a100s.

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