Calling All Yamahas. Time to Post Your Pics

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by bully, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. bully

    bully member

    I like my Yamaha gear.
    Two amplifiers, M-80 & M-70.
    One C-80 pre-amplifier (just sold one).
    Two T-80 tuners.
    Two (or three?) cassette decks.
    And, an antique cdplayer CD-X2.

    My HT system uses all Yamaha speaker systems (which use cloth surrounds).

    Oh, yeah, I have the R-2000 receiver hooked up downstairs, too.
  2. geespot

    geespot PUT it IN MY POCKET

    M-80 amp
    CT-800 Tuner, bought from Bully
    Had others but they are gone now.

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  3. House de Kris

    House de Kris Loud-n-Deep

    Yamaha is pretty good. I've currently got:

    FS1r FM/Formant Synth
    TG-33 Vector Synth
    QX5 MIDI Sequencer
    MEP4 (x2) MIDI Processor (THE best)
    MJC8 MIDI Router (8x8)

    I've had a DX100, but sold it. The front door of my "mansion" in Japan was made by Yamaha, but I guess I didn't actually own that.
  4. B3Nut

    B3Nut tubes and spinny things!

    No Yamaha hi-fi gear here, but I do have an S80 synthesizer. :)

  5. BobP

    BobP Member

    CA-1010. Beautiful to look at and listen to.

    I guess that's how rich folks who own a stable of sports car feel like. Which one to take for a spin when you love them all?

    I cycle my amps once a month.
  6. rstsgsas

    rstsgsas 2much gear 2little time

    yamaha gear

    I currently have a yamaha ct 1010 tuner and a yamaha cdc 735 cd player as sources along with my computer audigy sound card.I have a audio authority switcher compliments of this forum that i can switch between all my integrated amps..........Yamaha ca 800,ca- 810,ca-1010 ,ca-r1,and my behemoth ca-2010.Yes i am a yammie lover and always looking for a under the weather amp for beautification.I also have a cr-820 made beautiful by Merrylander(of this and other forums) that plays in my bed room on my advents. I truly love them all.I do have to admit my ht set up is pioneer bought several years ago.I don't use it near as much as my wife.Two channel is my thing. Farming is easy if your plow is a pencil and you are a thousand miles from the fields.(Dewight D Eisenhower)
  7. merrylander

    merrylander AK Member

    Yamaha that I am using:
    CR-820 with Polk Model 7Bs
    Combo DVD/VHS Samsung DVH 2000
    Toshibs Cassette

    CR-640 with EPI T/E 100s soon to be Advent Graduates

    CR-820 with KLH speakers, Mitsu CD palyer and Teac 1230 RTR

    Then there are all the ones I am restoring.:D

    And thanks for the compliment rsts.

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  8. Tillerman

    Tillerman AK Subscriber Subscriber

    T-85 tuner. Beats the crap out of my Dyna FM-5 even with an AVA tune up.
  9. JonTee

    JonTee Well-Known Member

    CA-2010, my main amp for music listening in the family room. Detailed and lots of power, but still very smooth sounding.

  10. hotgas

    hotgas Banned

    I have a CR620 and a R500. I used to have a B2 amplifier which I HATE HATE :uzi: because it did something to my back :eek: . All the Yammies look beautiful. I love their asthetical design, EXCEPT the B2 ... :uzi: :uzi: :uzi: ouch !
  11. JCturboT

    JCturboT New Member

    Here is my 2000 series Yamaha components...From the top

    CX-2000 Preamplifier
    CDX-2020 Cd Player
    TX-2000 Tuner
    MX-2000 Power Amplifier
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  12. reyneman

    reyneman Requiescat in pace

    Yamaha has always been one of my favorite lines. I started out with a DT-250 for dirt, had a YA6 Santa Barbara for the street, culminated with an XS1100...

    Oh, audio. Still have the C-70, great phono section. Was looking for a monster amp from them, but got sidetracked with tubes.

    Have one of their receivers for the bedroom home theater, too lazy to go check model number.

    Will acquire the amp someday...:cool:
  13. Gino

    Gino All around good guy

    A nice little CR-640 boxed up in the crawlspace that'll be brought out when I get the urge. I think those old Yamaha's are pretty underrated. Gino
  14. theophile

    theophile Pheasant Plucker. Subscriber

    C2x preamp,which has been doin' nothin' since the arrival of Kenwood Basic C2 preamp.
  15. peristalsis

    peristalsis New Member

    A CR-1020 which I'm just tickled to death with!.john
  16. Bill

    Bill Active Member

    I have never owned or used Yamaha gear untill recently. With all the good things I heard about Yamaha I decided to take the plunge and got myself a Yamaha M-4 power amp, 120 WPC, and a matching C-4 preamp. All I can say is that I am very impressed with the sound quality and great build quality. I may become a die hard Yamaha fan.

  17. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    CA-610II bought new
    T-550 (IIRC) bought new
    K-300 tape deck bought new, inherited
    R-500 receiver bought new, inherited

    CT-610II recently acquired
    CR-1020 ($5 garage sale find)

    3 different Yamaha single-disc CDP's (all found at the town dump/swap pile)... don't recall the model numbers

    I think that's all...
  18. merrylander

    merrylander AK Member

    Hotgas I know where you are coming from, I had an A-1 integrated and carried it home on the bus, but the last half-mile was on foot. That sucker was really two monoblocks on one chassis - ouch.

  19. Seeeker812

    Seeeker812 New Member

    Working on it

    I just bought a C-80 from Bully, once it arrives I'll marry it up to my M-60 amp. I also have a, non-working at the moment, SX-1050 and R-300 bedroom receiver.

    I doubt anyone has heard of my speakers but they're Toby's. I bought them in 1988 in Fort Worth Texas (the only place you can buy them). If you have a minute take a look.
  20. Punker X

    Punker X AK Subscriber Subscriber

    PF-1000 turntable.. Pic in the Gallery here

    Always wondered what equipment matched it when it came out. After seeing JCturboT's 2000 series system I know know.. very nice looking system.

    Got a TC-511S just laying around and for sale if anyone wantes a cassette to match their silver faced reciever.


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