Calling All Yamahas. Time to Post Your Pics

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by bully, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. Duffinator

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    Yamaha and JBL. :thmbsp:
  2. theophile

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    Especially tippy-top TOTL Yamaha vinyl(better than ours, as good as it is ) superb amplification and JBL. :drool:

    THAT,would be insanely awesome.... :thmbsp:
  3. lmfree

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    That can be a very difficult question to answer because it is hard to compare apples to apples. If I had to make a choice as they stand I would say the VPI is better. The VPI seems to run quieter and seems to have a better all around tonal quality than the 2000X. The depth of soundstage and detail is phenominal. Better than the 2000x. But that may be due to the setup and cartridge combination rather than the turntable itself. The VPI uses the massive periphery ring which will make nearly any warped vinyl perfectly flat making the tonearm motionless and tracking flawless. I am using a Lyra Titan i as its cartridge. I can not mount the Lyra on the standard 2000x YSA-1 or YSA-2 arm so I placed a YSA-39 arm on one 2000x to try to make comparisons. For some reason I am getting feedback hum when using that arm combination; so a direct comparison isn't possible until I can get that problem resolved. The VPI also uses the rimdrive system which isolates the motor from the plinth/platter which I believe accounts for its ability to run nearly silently.

    The 2000x with the Victor MC-L1000 cartridge sounds very good but with less detail and less dynamic bass. I believe that is more due to the cartridge than the turntable, but the Victor is the best I have that will fit the YSA-2 arm. There does seem to be slightly more background noise with slight rumble in the 2000x which I will assume to be the table at this point.

    Another comparison which affects sound quality is setup. The VPI can be difficult to setup and dial in. The 2000x is a breeze in comparison. On the VPI when tracking force is adjusted, azimuth will change and vice versa. It is difficult to get both dead on simultaneously on the unipivot arm. Overhang is fairly straight forward. On the 2000x overhang and azimuth are interconnected but are much less finicky to deal with than the azimuth tracking force interconnection on the VPI. I am not sure my explanation is clear but to make a final comparison, overall I would say the VPI has better sound quality but the 2000x is certainly no slouch.
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  4. lmfree

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    And Accuphase. The JBL 4345's are BiAmped with a P-360 above 290Hz and a P500L below 290Hz; divided by an F-25. The JBL 250Ti's are powered by M-1000 Monoblocs. Preamp is C-280L. More pictures and details in my albums if interested.
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    Lane..Put me in your will..Your out of control..:D
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    Which VPI TT is that? One of the things I really like about my GT-2000 is how easy it is to setup. I thought about buying one of the rings to sit on the LP. I might have to try that now. I missed the Accuphase amps, very nice. :thmbsp:
  7. lmfree

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    Dave, you are in my will:thmbsp: and its fun to be insane. I am not responsible for my actions:banana: Wait to you see what is next! A full VFET setup in my rec room with BiAmped JBL 4350's and 4435's so you better get to work. I need 4 Black amps(B-1's of course) and 2 black preamps(C-1's); not to put any pressure on you though:thmbsp::D:D:D:D Do you make house calls???:scratch2:
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    I don't think you're going to have enough bass with that setup. Better get some SUB1500's to round out that system. ;)
  9. lmfree

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    The VPI is the Reference Super Scoutmaster with rimdrive. I have one of the copper periphery rings from TTWeights for my GT-2000x and it works pretty good. It isn't quite as heavy as the VPI but it does a fairly good job. You have to add some extra platter mats so the ring will clear the speed indicator though.
  10. Duffinator

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    Ah I was pretty sure it wasn't a Scout but I'm not that familiar with their whole line. So the GT holds it's weight with the modern gear, cool. :thmbsp: The TTWeights is the one I have looked at, thanks for the tip on the mats.
  11. Spectrum77

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    Some beautiful turntables there, Bloke. The rest of us dream of having such a budget.
  12. theophile

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    Very telling for me,given that a Yamaha GT 2000x costs at least $3500-$4000 US in Japan,was the fact that there were two GT 2000x in the photo.Not two VPIs. :smoke: :yes:
  13. rfolden

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    Just received this...

    ... DDP-1

    It works. Shown in "test" PCM mode.

    To put atop this:
    RX-V2090. Needs a little clean-up but works perfectly. Stout!

    And a picture of my studio subwoofer, to boot:
    (Just a way cool input panel, no?)

    I've tested all functions of the Yamaha DDP-1 and it works, but I have not set it up with a decent pair of loudspeakers for any extended listening. I'll report out after I lug the 2090 into my "listening" room and get everything going. Right now I'm lazy!
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  14. rfolden

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  16. theophile

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    Beautiful pictures.:tresbon:
  17. oldsansui

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    Thank you, it's my first Natural Sound receiver :music:
    May be, it is not the last one ...
  18. vrödgnöl

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    cr 2020

    really nice! and here is mine.

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  19. rfolden

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    Outstanding! Maybe the most beautiful receivers I've seen.
  20. rfolden

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    Recent acuisitions, non-vintage...

    DVD-S1700 Universal Video/Audio Player - $30 bills on flea bay.

    DDP-2 DD DAC. $12 on flea bay. Still looking for a mod to make this thing decode "straight" PCM. Any ideas? Thanks for looking!


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