Cartridge for Technics SL-Q350

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by cgw1, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. cgw1

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    Trying to find a compatable cartridge for the Technics SL-Q350. The last one I put in (20 yrs ago) was a Audio Technica LS580/LT. Looking for a fairly low cost one.
    I am not sure I should not just get another turntable. Every once in a while it will shift to 78rpm for no apparent reason.
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    Don't know exactly what "fairly low cost" means, but for $25 shipped you can get something pretty decent. On ebay look up AT-92ECD (spelled exactly like that) and you'll find a bunch. For the same price you can also get a Shure M92E. And then there are stylus upgrade options if you want to spend more. If you still have the original cartridge, you can just replace the stylus if you want.

    As for the 78RPM, open up the table and spray Deoxit on the innards of the 33/45 speed switch. That usually solves this kind of problem in quartz tables. Do that before buying the cartridge to make sure the tt is worth keeping.
  3. cgw1

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    Thanks for the info.
    Less than $50 is reasonable I think (even if I end up buying another TT later) as long as it equals what I had. I can't really test the TT as the problem happens very infequently.
    How do I know what cartridge is compatable with my TT (i.e. any p-mount?)? or what stylus is compatatable with my cartridge.

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