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Discussion in 'Solid State' started by nad7175, May 1, 2010.

  1. nad7175

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    As i am getting ready to give up on finding a volume control for my nad i found some carver magnetic field receivers on ebay that are from the late 80's. i remember a mag back in the mid 80's that said that carver receivers were very nad like both in performance and fidelity, does anyone have personal expirience with these units
  2. avguytx

    avguytx AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Try using the search engine in here and you'll come up with all sorts of information about the Carver receivers...both good and bad. I'm not much of a receiver person but I'm definitely a Carver fan. :)
  3. Freo-1

    Freo-1 Well-Known Member

    I would stay away from them. Bob Carver is no doubt a smart guy, BUT, those vintage units used pretty ordinary to sub ordinary parts.

    You would be much better served with something like a Luxman R-117, considered one of the BEST overall units ever made.
  4. RevAmish

    RevAmish Active Member

    I can't comment on a receiver. I used NAD gear for several years before moving to Carver separates. Like avguytx said, there are a lot of mixed opinions of Carver gear not only here but across the internet.
  5. Vintage_Hi-F

    Vintage_Hi-F Vintage Audio Geek

    This is one of the BEST overall units made?
    Don't get me wrong the build quality looks solid aside from all the rather cheap looking sudo plastic aluminum face (really looks like a cheaper JVC) it doesn't look all that amazing. The Carver on the other hand.........
    that looks real nice, to me any ways.
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  6. Freo-1

    Freo-1 Well-Known Member

    Trust me, the Luxman is a lot better overall. Don't get taken in by the outward apperance. The Luxman has higher quality parts, better overall specs, etc. (disclaimer: for the money vs. perfromance at todays prices).

    Check it out for yourself.
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  7. Vintage_Hi-F

    Vintage_Hi-F Vintage Audio Geek

    I haven't heard to much about Luxman after the alpine buy out, though I would say try and A/B the two and see which one pleases the ear best to you.
  8. Freo-1

    Freo-1 Well-Known Member

    Fair enough.

    The old Stereo Review gave the R-117 one of the highest recommendations ever for a piece of equipment. This was the last of the "good stuff" before they went mainstream.

    They seem to be trying to make a comeback.
  9. Vintage_Hi-F

    Vintage_Hi-F Vintage Audio Geek

    Yeah I've seen some of there new offerings and I have to say they look pretty nice, I would definitely like to hear what the L-509u sounds like. Oh and not to high jack this thread but would a Carver MXR 130 (the one pictured) be happy with a 4 ohm load. I'd like to know seeing as it is on my wish list.
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  10. Freo-1

    Freo-1 Well-Known Member

    I do know that the Luxman R-117 remains stable al the way down into a 2 ohm load.
  11. Vintage_Hi-F

    Vintage_Hi-F Vintage Audio Geek

    I don't want the luxman. Thanks for the info though. :D
  12. dspear99ca

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    1. The MRX130 and it's bigger brother the 150 both suffer from power supply issues. There are a couple of resistors that get smokin' hot and cause other components to fail. Very well known issues.

    2. The Luxman is a fantastic receiver. One of the absolute best.
  13. ryuuoh

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