Cassandra Wilson - New Moon Daughter

Discussion in 'Music Reviews' started by Billfort, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. Billfort

    Billfort Addicted Member

    Newmarket, ON, Canada
    Artist: Cassandra Wilson
    Title: New Moon Daughter
    Year of Release: 1996
    Record Label: Blue Note
    Genre: Jazz/Blues

    New Moon Daughter is one of my favorite albums. I just love Cassandra Wilson’s voice, it’s so sultry, deep, dark and seductive and so well showcased here with a great mix of her own songs and interesting covers. She totally transforms songs like U2’s Love Is Blindness, Neil Young’s Harvest Moon, The Monkey’s (!!) Last Train to Clarksville and especially Hank William’s I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. I especially like her killer renditions of Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit and Robert Johnson’s 32-20. This LP is worth it for these covers alone but her original material really elevates this to something special.

    The sound of this recording is first rate with a great up-front mix of guitar flavors and a solid upright bass line throughout that really lets you taste the texture and ‘wood’ of the instrument. The vocals are all enveloping and really take you away in these songs but they are a little ‘hot’ and sibilant at times. This may just be something going on with my TT or my current tube mix, but I’d like to hear the CD release of this (just once! :) ) to see if it’s the pressing. I have the Quiex SV super vinyl release of this LP and it is…super vinyl.

    I am such a fan of this album that I dug into the details of the recording studio – The Turtle Creek Barn in Bearsville NY.


    Located near Woodstock, it’s supposed to be one of the few purely analog studios left and has something like a 30 year history of recordings like Natalie Merchant’s Tigerlily, Joe Jackson’s Blaze of Glory and others from the likes of The Band, REM and The Dave Matthews Band. The main recording room is a 35 x 35 foot space with the expansive ceiling of a post-and-beam barn. I have to figure this analog approach in such an interesting acoustic environment plays a big part in how beautifully this music comes across.
  2. reyneman

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    Central PA
    I have decided that I detest this review forum.

    Guess I'll just add this record to my rapidly growing list of records I need to acquire. Nice review Billfort
  3. Dave918

    Dave918 Super Member

    Now you know what some of the rest of us have had to deal with for quite some time Rey! :yes:

    Buy lists can only grow - never shrink.

  4. Billfort

    Billfort Addicted Member

    Newmarket, ON, Canada
    Yeah I hear you Ray, this forum is dangerous to my wallet. I figured I could control this a little since I pretty much limit my purchases to vinyl and SACD but there is SO much of that available lately it's not helping...
  5. OneMalt

    OneMalt Will work for music

    Buffalo, NY
    I agree with all that has been said about artitst and album. Have any of you ever heard her Belly Of The Sun? She continues her tradition of unusual covers by doing material from such diverse sources as The Band, Glen Campbell and Robert Johnson.
  6. Davey

    Davey Instant Karmanizer

    Yeah baby, that is a nice one. I have the original Blue Note vinyl and it sounds great. One of those nice "walk in and look around" type of soundstages. Lot's of fun. Love her stormy take on Son House's "Death Letter". The band really gets a big ball of sound going on that one.

    Well, I folded up my arms and I slowly walked away.
    I said, "Farewell honey, I'll see you on Judgement Day."
    Ah, yeah, oh, yes, I slowly walked away.
    I said, "Farewell, farewell, I'll see you on the Judgement Day."

    You know I went in my room, I bowed down to pray.
    The blues came along and drove my spirit away.
    I went in my room, I said I bowed down to pray.
    I said the blues came along and drove my spirit away.

    You know I didn't feel so bad, til the good ole sun went down.
    I didn't have a soul to throw my arms around.
  7. GringoAudio

    GringoAudio New Member

    Sibilance not my fault??

    I know this is an old thread but i too love this album. The bass on it is amazing. It is friggin' dark themed music though. Wow. Some grim themes.... which I love. My ex-wife seemed to think this album embodied all that was wrong with me and how we were so divergent in our tastes for culture that it was hopeless. So artistically it is amazing .... IMHO.

    But on the audio quality side I always thought it amazing too... and for the most part it is.... the bass is so deep and rich. The recording so airy and open ...I JUST realized how sibilant it is though this past 2 weeks when back into DIY speaker building and tweaking and the critical listening that goes with it.... It has been driving me crazy! I have been switching out amps and speakers and tweeters and x-over components in my DIY speakers and this thread has calmed me down. But i am really disappointed now though that it likely cannot be cured even with some narrow notch filter at the centre frequency of the sibilance....

    I am going to take this CD to a mega buck Audiophile store and see what it sounds like on some system I could never afford. Only that will completely convince me that my kit is okay... or it will ruin me for all of my gear... kinda risky eh? Hmmmm....
  8. chicks

    chicks Lunatic Member

    The Big Valley, CA
    Excellent album. Blue Light 'Til Dawn, from a couple years earlier, is even better (slightly), IMHO, especially her version of Robert Johnson's Come On In My Kitchen.
  9. Fisherdude

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    Out West.
    Outstanding album. Two:thmbsp::thmbsp:
  10. slippers-on

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    Saint Charles Mo.
    This is one of my fav albums by her....Strange one does it better than Billy Holiday, and no one besides Billy does it better than Cassandra Wilson. Also the tune "Love is Blind"...oh boyee! I put it on repeat and let it play over and over....That song is so full of puts me in a special place. That is one song that gets into my soul and moves me. Great album!
  11. Glen B

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    Old Mill Basin, Brooklyn, NY
    Ditto on New Moon Daughter being a great album. Wilson's album "Glamoured" is also very good. Her versions of Stax recording artist Luther Ingram's "If Loving You is Wrong (I Don't Wanna Be Right)" and Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay" have got to be heard.
  12. Ilikevinyl

    Ilikevinyl Cool Breeze Subscriber

    I really like "New Moon Daughter" too.:thmbsp::music:

    Another excellent album of Cassandra is::yes:


    Cassandra Wilson / Belly Of The Sun
  13. Fisherdude

    Fisherdude Regular Dude - Super Mod Super Mod Subscriber

    Out West.
    Both are great! :yes:
  14. ReliefAshama

    ReliefAshama Sounds Good

    New England
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  15. mwheelerk

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    Mesa, AZ
    New Moon Daughter, Belly Of The Sun and Traveling Miles all very strong albums from Cassandra
  16. I have had a long appreciation for Cassandra Wilson.

    I recently started going through her discography.

    I hope others will read this thread and take the time to listen to her work.
  17. Tom Bavis

    Tom Bavis Audiophool Subscriber

    Macedon NY
    Well, I listened to it once... and resold it - did not connect for me. Jazz vocals are hit-or-miss for me. I like (most by) Norah Jones, Alana Davis, Jane Monheit, Madeline Peroux, but cannot take Diana Krall at all. Haven't listened to Patricia Barber - will see which side she ends up on.
  18. hjames

    hjames Nabbed ... Staff Member Moderator Subscriber

    VA near DC
    Patricia Barber is kinda dry - I've tried 3 or 4 of hers,
    but they just don't hit me like Krall, Nora Jones or Melody Gardot ..
  19. olson_jr

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    Pilgrim Hills Michigan
    I have been listening to Melody Gardot's ~ The Currency Of Man the last week or so. I either missed this when first released or it did not grab me then. It has a nice soulful funky feeling to it that I find engaging.


    As for Cassandra Wilson's New Moon Daughter, it is pretty much a staple here and has been since it's release.
  20. DeeCee

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    Orlando, FL, USA
    Very few artists can take a tune and make it their own and she is very successful in this.

    Highly recommended singer!

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