Cerwin-Vega D-Series Spec sheet

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Chris Brown, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown Super Member

    When I purchased one of the pairs of Cerwin Vega D-9’s I had, the owner had kept everything from the receipt to the sales information that came with it.

    I found this again the other day and figured I’d scan it. I don’t know if this information is listed elsewhere or not, but I figured some might find it useful:

    This has information for the D-1, D-2, D-3, D-5, D-7, and D-9


    Edit: My original scan was lost when I moved from Comcast Residential to Comcast Business and they erased everything I had hosted on the free webspace they gave me... but it is identical to this image.
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  2. crwtb

    crwtb New Member

    thanks alot,chris
  3. 6thumbs

    6thumbs AK Member

    thanks chris always wondered about my d-3s
  4. EricV

    EricV Active Member

    As long as...1970's HED?

    I realized this may be considered hijacking the thread, so I dumped it from here and will start a fresh thread.
  5. sloppy

    sloppy Active Member

    Why does the D-7 have a lower frequency response than the D-9s? I would have thought bigger would equal lower. Is the difference between 25 and 29 even audible to the (average) human ear?
  6. sorenj07

    sorenj07 Super Member

    Thanks a bunch, I just got a pair of D-7's and it's nice to have some specific information about them.
  7. E_man

    E_man New Member

    Specs for D-5's


    Does anyone still have the specs available for the D series ? This string previously had it, but it seems to have disappeared. Given that I just picked up a an old set of functioning of D-5's and refoamed the woofers, I am now curious about their frequency response and power handling. Any available info is greatly appreciated.


  8. sloppy

    sloppy Active Member

    From da grave! My 3 year old question still stand, though :D
  9. Blast

    Blast I Wanna Rock Subscriber

    I wonder if what was originally posted was this:
  10. argent81

    argent81 New Member

    i want to buy a couple of cv d6 but i cant find info.... someone can help me?
  11. Bstable

    Bstable Super Member

    I have 2 of those. I also saved everything that came with my D-3s. The woofer surrounds are starting to go so I have not listened to them lately. I have lots of spare midranges and horns for these, but can't seem to find non- foam rotted woofers.
  12. HarryB

    HarryB Active Member

    My D9s have 4-8 ohms on the crossover. I think these speakers are closer to 4 ohm. What is the Ohm impedance for the D9s? I know my receiver gets a lot warmer when I drive the speakers full tilt as opposed to my Altec 9s. I do know these can get STUPID LOUD.


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  13. sloppy

    sloppy Active Member

    Why replace the woofers? Just redo the foam.
  14. Bstable

    Bstable Super Member

    That is what I am going to do. I was trying to find a pair of CVs that had good woofers at a GW or SA for not much coin. That just isn't happening. My brother found a pair of CV D-3s and bought them for me, but the woofer foam was gone. That is why I have extra X-overs, tweets, and mids.

    My D-3s are in excellent condition, so it IS worth trying a refoam.
  15. Crankit

    Crankit New Member

    What size fuse do we need in our D-9's. I just purchased a pair and blew a fuse on fairly low volume? At one end of the fuse I removed was SOCSD4 and the other end is D250V2A. I'm assuming it's 250 volts at 2 amps and probably not the correct one... Thanks
  16. HarryB

    HarryB Active Member

    The fuse I pulled out is a Buss MTH4 250 volt.

    Hope this helped,

  17. HarryB

    HarryB Active Member

    You may want to check the DC offset on your receiver/amp. If it is more than a few mv you may have problems with your amp. The speaker protect should have engaged and shut off all sound. if it failed to trip your speakers could get direct voltage and blow fuses and or speakers. You do not want to see the "magic smoke".

  18. jocko_nc

    jocko_nc Super Member

    125 dB and I believe it.
  19. Crankit

    Crankit New Member

    Thanks Harry!!! I'll get a couple of those.. I suspect after who knows how many years that they did a little mix and match... Thanks for the prompt reply... Got no idea as how to ck. the DC offset???
  20. Crankit

    Crankit New Member

    Googled your fuse and it's a 4amp vs. 2 amp that I blew... I'll start there... Thanks Harry...

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