Chicago-Area AKers! Save Feb. 25th.

Discussion in 'Events & Happenings' started by Robie, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Robie

    Robie Live it or live with it. Subscriber

    Don't yet have my work schedule yet for that week, but I'm aiming for a get together on that date. Say at 1PM here at Chez Robie (extreme west Glenview). While this date is still tentative, I'm trying to pick a date to work toward. It will follow the same format as before. I'll supply a meal, BYOB and and an appetizer/snack to share.

    More later.

    Please post here if you're interested and I'll follow up with an Events and Happenings thread at a later date.

    The theme will be (what else), "Tubes" but don't consider that as a limitation. It's only a focus.
  2. kirk57

    kirk57 DreamState Subscriber

    Cool. I could bring my Magnavox 9304 amp. Maybe Pilot SP 216a pre.

    Hope somebody has some efficient speakers...
  3. ekmanning5

    ekmanning5 Time has told me... Subscriber

    YES! YES! YES! Can I bring a friend?
  4. prisoners

    prisoners AK Subscriber Subscriber

    This year I don't have to be at work as much...actually a good thing. I'd love to go!
  5. JohnVF

    JohnVF Banned

    I will be there if I'm not out of town. Fun!
  6. Tom Brennan

    Tom Brennan AK Member Subscriber

    Count me in.
  7. Robie

    Robie Live it or live with it. Subscriber

    Of course, Ed. As long as your friend brings some Klipsch Horns. :D Of course you can.

    Looking forward to it all.

    Anyone who has seen this and been here before, please try to spread the word with others you may have met here. This announcement, while only tentative, is buried in a section of AK I seldom peruse and others may be in the same boat.

    Where's Snade, Fisherdude, Clyde, Cubdog, Powerman, Blzatrl (and his gorgeous MKIIIs), Zekeman, SWL2000, etc, etc, etc. (Sorry if I didn't list your name.)
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  8. Robie

    Robie Live it or live with it. Subscriber

    RayW, do you have any Chicago-Area errands on February 25th?
  9. cubdog

    cubdog banging through drywall Subscriber

    I'm hoping to attend. I could bring my HLLY Tamp-90 tripath and a Yaqin pre I use with it.

  10. Robie

    Robie Live it or live with it. Subscriber

    Looking forward to it, Ross.
  11. keithpgdrb

    keithpgdrb AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Love to do this again!
  12. Skylab

    Skylab Altimeter reading zero Subscriber

    I also hope to come - sounds like great fun!
  13. Snade

    Snade humble AK member

    I will be there, Robie. Always a great time.

    I may bring some gear to offer at very low prices or trade. Need to shed speakers and Sherwood receivers.

    Cheers, Snade
  14. Danimal

    Danimal Just a man...

    I am hoping to attend and can bring my 9302 if needed.
  15. 240sx4u

    240sx4u AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I'll see what I can do. I have reliable transportation this year which is nice, but being a few days post birthday I need to make sure I won't screw up any other plans.
  16. Cactus Bob

    Cactus Bob Desert Rat

    Man, that's going to be a great get together! Some fine folks attending for sure! :yes:
  17. cubdog

    cubdog banging through drywall Subscriber

    Do you mean I shouldn't attend?

  18. Brian Walsh

    Brian Walsh Active Member

    Should be able to make it, if I'm allowed.
  19. Fisherdude

    Fisherdude Regular Dude - Super Mod Super Mod Subscriber

    I have no clue how I missed this when you first posted it. You couldn't keep me away. You're on the calendar.
  20. hibuckhobby

    hibuckhobby Well-Known Member

    Count me in please.:D. I can bring an SAS 7a pre with jena labs wiring.

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