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Christine McVie and Lindsay Buckingham Phoenix 25 July 2017

Discussion in 'Music Reviews' started by KiM3Ce, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. KiM3Ce

    KiM3Ce AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Saw these two last night, along with the Wallflowers. McVie and Buckingham had their own full rock band which was very, very good. Great rhythm section, especially the drummer. The crowd was on their feet a lot.

    I enjoyed it a lot. They played a fair bit from their new album. Fans of the "Rumours" vintage would probably enjoy it, but I wouldn't say it was novel material.

    Lindsay is still a wild man and in good voice. He plays marvelously and puts on a great show.

    I love McVie but her voice has not held up as well. She didn't seem as involved as Buckingham.

    The Wallflowers started on time and performed well. For some reason it took over 30 minutes for McVie and Buckingham to come onstage after the Wallflowers set. Somebody isn't doing their job!

    Glad I went!


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  2. Crusty

    Crusty New Member

    Love Lindsay's guitar playing !
  3. audio-ed

    audio-ed Well-Known Member

    Dayton ohio
    They are both amazing talents.I was looking forward to their new album only to be disappointed .
  4. Nixxuz

    Nixxuz AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Might be a miss for me then. I never got into Rumors until recently, and it's really a gateway into a lot of other stuff from that era. (before I was born).

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