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Chromecast Set-Up mistake.

Discussion in 'DACs' started by will1960, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. will1960

    will1960 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    OK, purchased a Googe Chromecast recently for the purpose of wifi streaming to my home rig. In my excitement to get it up and running, and my penchant for never using set-up instructions, I was proudly streaming in no time. Sound was just OK, I thought. Wasn't expected to be blown away, but was expecting a better than BT presentation. I was accepting the sound for the $25 I spent at the local BB.

    Today, I moved some gear around, and set it up in a different room, I actually scrolled down through the set-up page this time, and found that I had neglected to check the "Full Dynamic Range" box in the app. WOW! Much better sound from this little gem. Lesson learned for me.
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  2. jcg1112

    jcg1112 Active Member

    If all else fails, read the instructions Glad you’re happy with it. I like mine, very convenient.
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