CL-NJ: Infinity Interlude IL-50 Speakers--$225.00 Worth It?

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by SubLover, Oct 17, 2009.

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    Infinity Interlude IL-50 Speakers (Pair MSRP: $2000) - $225

    Two MAPLE color Tower Speakers, each with self-amplified 10" subwoofers. One powered sub works, the other lost power (needs repair).
    They sound fantastic (one sub is enough to make my house shake, I usually keep them on level 3 out of 10).

    Please see the light MAPLE colored speakers in the pictures.

    I had a few questions, if anybody's interested in commenting:

    1. First, I'm confused (which makes me feel dumb). :scratch2: The "MSRP" referenced is for a "pair," yet the pic shows four speakers. But the customer-provided link shows one black speaker. Is this guy selling 2, or 4 speakers?

    Then, further confusing me, the link the seller provides talks about "built-in powered subwoofers"--built into what? The seller mentions separate (black) subwoofers--so they're not "built into" anything. Help? LOL

    2. I take it the black, skinnier cabs are the subs? Making this a two-sub system, which in itself is somewhat unusual, right?

    3. Any ideas on how $erious the bad power source in the one sub might be?

    4. Deal--no deal?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Xtinc

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    1. Looks like seller is selling one pair, the light maple colored ones.
    2. Subs are built into each speaker, not separate units. So you would be buying two speakers (one pair) with built-in subs
    3. The MSRP was $1700, but I believe sold new for $400-500, so $225 for a pair of used, broken speakers is not a good deal.
    4. If you're close, maybe go listen and offer a lot less.
  3. SubLover

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    Thank you very much, for your analysis. You made it make sense! LOL
    If I wasn't overwhelmed this week, I'd go listen, for the reason you suggest, but I can't, so I'll give this one a miss. I mention that in case anyone else is interested.

    Thanks again.

  4. fiftyone50

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    Interludes are nice - and a pair of IL 50's even with one sub amp not working is a good deal at that price. I have a pair of IL 60's, and they have an abundant amount of bass. (larger 12" woofers w/500watts each)

    The 2 way section (not including the built in 250w 10" sub), is the same as IL 10's, which are good speakers on their own (have a pair of those too), and I see the bookshelves sell on ebay regularly for $200.

    IL 10s were $400 new, the IL 50's were like $1300.
    IL 100S (the same subwoofer section the 50's have) were like $600 I think.

    If you are local to these, I'd snatch them up - the one side with the working woofer will still have plenty of bass.

    I've gone thru lots and lots of speakers, the interludes aren't the best sounding, but they are very good - the CMMD drivers are nice as well.

    definately worth giving a listen.

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