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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by areilla10, Aug 12, 2017.

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    Hi everyone! I'm 100% new to electronics, and don't even know the basics of a complete set-up. I know I love good music, and my Bose that my MIL got us for Christmas sounds nice, but that's...about it. I remember my Dad had a nice stereo when I was a kid and it was flippin' loud. Hitachi I think? One of the old multi-component set-ups from the early 80's. My Aunt (his sister) was another audio aficionado. And I remember the old console record player we had in the 70's, too. I'd like to put together a nice system someday, but that's not what brings me here.

    My daughter is building a tiny house, and bought an old camper trailer to strip down. We were looking through the rotting hulk of a thing, taking stock of any hardware or bits that could be reused. We thought the left-behind toaster oven was a total score, but our mouths fell open when we flipped open an overhead cabinet to find a Sansui 331 receiver and a Pioneer CT-606 cassette deck. SWEEEET!

    The cassette deck powers up, lights work, FF and RW work, but I haven't hooked it up to anything yet.

    The receiver, however, is going to be a basket case. Someone spliced the power cord (likely been chewed by mice), and I had to vacuum a ton of dead bug carcasses out of the guts of the thing or it was going to catch on fire if I powered it up. So anyway, once I got it cleaned out a bit, I put it back together and turned it on. Nothing. It's probably the mangled power cord, but God knows, it could be anything.

    My daughter wants to sell them to fund her project; I'm just not sure if it's worth fixing them up first, or just selling them for parts. I'll be perusing the forums to see what I can find out. Looking forward to learning more!
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    Welcome to AK!
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    Ontario, Canada
    Welcome! You can post query in the Sansui forum to get expert guidance. Check for blown fuses on the power supply board - where you at? Port Perry here.
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    Twin Cities MN
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    Welcome Canuck to the AK site.

    Looks like ya got bitten by the Vine Bug as well as finding all those critters in the receiver.

    As already mentioned, replace the AC cord and check for fuses. Look into the Sansui site is a must as well in order to get some feedback as to which way to go, eh?

    Check out the Canuck Audio site, and of course the Good Will/Sally Ann's. Maybe take a look for some estate sales and KIjiji.

    Good luck on yer future audio travels/quests.

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    Welcome to AudioKarma! :)
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    Greetings to ya!

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    Welcome to AK!
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    Thanks for the welcome. I'm from the Napanee area. I went to Value Village today to have a look around for any fun finds. Nada. I expect a lot of the good stuff disappears before it even hits the shelves. There are a few thrift shops around Kingston I'll check. Plus it might behoove me to hit a few yard sales in some of the older neighbourhoods. You know, the ones where the houses are 50+ years old and still occupied by the original owners. The houses that show obvious pride of ownership, and the white picket fences are freshly painted. These are the types of people who went to their white or blue collar jobs every day, paid their taxes and mortgages, and with what money they had left, they took the kids to Disneyland, put in that pool in the back yard, and indulged in high quality stereo equipment to outfit their dens.

    I'll post in the Sansui forum and see what comes up. Thanks again!
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    Welcome to AK.
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    Welcome aboard from over'ere in New Scotland. I once restored a little Sansui AU101 and it sounds very nice indeed...

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