Controlling a Raspberry Pi with a laptop, via ethernet cable?

Discussion in 'PCs & Music Servers' started by dodog, Sep 7, 2017.

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    Iowa City, IA
    I got LMS installed on an old laptop, DL'ed and imaged an SD card with PiCorePlayer, also have an OpenSUSE LEAP ISO ready to go if I decide to go that route with the laptop. Decided the afternoon was too beautiful to sit around so I went on a 2 hr. bikeride with my oldest (teenager). After showering and having a beer, I'm too tired to try anything further, then it will be the work week and nothing productive tends to happen at night. It'll be next weekend before I can tinker again.


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    As a follow up suggestion, perhaps the solution is to address the core issue. I have a PI 3B and experienced some dropouts while streaming 96/24 content to the garage using the built in WiFi. Solution? Purchased an external USB based WiFi receiver which is considerably more sensitive to the onboard unit for the princely sum of $13 on Amazon. No more problems even with 192/24.

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