Craig 5503.

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Fuzzy Lumpkins, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. Fuzzy Lumpkins

    Fuzzy Lumpkins Active Member

    I have read yrly’s and others interest in audio gear off the radar screen. I recently
    bought a Receiver that may fit this category. I spotted it at in a Thrift for 20 dollars.
    The unit is a Craig 5503 and has a lot of quality features. The unit has Preout/main
    ins and has inputs for 2 aux and 2 phono’s as well as two tape decks. The front
    has an aluminum finish with detented aluminum knobs. It also has a switchable slope
    for its tone controls.

    I tried finding info on it but I haven’t found anything yet. It has the look and feel of a mid-70’s unit. Up till now I never thought Craig put out any quality gear only all-in-one units with low power. But after listening to it I think I’m going to look for other such gear and give them a shot. It has a power consumption of 290 watts so I would say it would be around 40-60watts a channel.

    Here are a few pics
  2. RocknRoll

    RocknRoll Super Member

    That does look like a monster for a Craig. Where is the 8 track player? :D There looks to be a 5501 to 5506 model. The 5506 is the other pioneer killer.

    RCV, 5503

    Manufacture Years: 1977 - 1980
    Power: 50
    MSRP: $450.00
  3. bolly

    bolly Banned

    Your right RocknRoll, looks like a decent Craig!
  4. Fuzzy Lumpkins

    Fuzzy Lumpkins Active Member

    Thanks for the info. This unit is as wide as my SX-1280.
  5. yrly

    yrly Breaking records is good?

    Looks like a decent piece of gear to me. Never know what sort of stuff you might turn up, could be other surprises out there. If I would not have gambled I never would have had the Audiograph 2A100, or found that Fisher of all brands made what is probably the best 125wpc receiver, or found that monster Project One Mark 1500. What I am really looking for now is that 40+lb Lloyds receiver I spotted on ebay. It wouldnt weigh that much if it has nothing inside...
  6. Kamakiri

    Kamakiri The New Dynamic

    You're actually looking for a Lloyds receiver? You're joking, right? :saywhat:
  7. bolly

    bolly Banned

    hey yrly, I'm curious to see inside a 40lb Lloyd's...
  8. Grumpy

    Grumpy Krusty old SOB! Yes, I own Audiokarma Staff Member Admin Sponsor Subscriber

    I know some times pickins are slim but save your money for when something a bit "better" comes along :yes:
  9. yrly

    yrly Breaking records is good?

    I hate to say it but I really want to see this Lloyds. It was up on ebay around one of the times I picked up a Project One Mark 1500, so my audio budget was spent for the time being. Was on ebay canada and was likely a Canada only model. Was a pretty big thing. Actually resembled a Pioneer pretty closely. Had LLoyds on the nameplate in cursive script type writing, rather low serial # like 631. Actually tipped the scales at over 40lbs according to the seller. I mean it was an otherwise normal looking receiver, no built in 8-track or such to add weight. Not joking, this thing actually looked like a serious piece of equipment. Course they could have just put a lead brick inside too, time will tell, one will someday surface again. I will link it up if it ever reappears.
  10. vintagestereo

    vintagestereo Banned

    Gee, yrly, I hope the Lloyd's I'm getting is a "lead brick".
  11. talbot1956

    talbot1956 New Member

    the 5503 was made in about 1976 I bought one new and use it everyday it's one of the best recievers Craig ever marketed
  12. cademan

    cademan Addicted Member

    WOW! :yikes: Is this thread old or what! :boring:
  13. ryuuoh

    ryuuoh FFXIV Summoner Subscriber

    Since the original pics have vanished, how about post pics of yours?
  14. ke4mcl

    ke4mcl Banned

    yeah.. now i want to see this mystical craig!
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  15. kaliph11

    kaliph11 Super Member

    your 5503 is the middle of the line. Craig made a 5501 and 5505. The models I have seen (online images only) numbered ***2, 4 & 6 look like Japanese company that owned Craig at the time reissued the series with new faceplates.

    The American engineer in charge of the project was Pat Tobin who may still be posting on the AAsylum site.
  16. Craig 5000 Series Speakers

    I know this is off-topic, but since Craig is rarely mentioned I thought I would see if anybody here knows anything about the Craig 5000 Series Speakers. I picked up a set at a Goodwill auction for $1.50. The cabinets are pretty bad, but heavy, and the speaker is a full range Trans Rib design.

    Here are the claims for the Model 5707

    • Revolutionary Trans-Rib Acoustic Driver
    • Full Range Dispersion from Super-Light, Braced Radiating System
    • Patented Radial Transmission Ribs Means No Crossover Distortion - All Frequencies in Phase Coherence
    • Superb Transient Response, Midrange Texture and Presence
    • Full Acoustic power up to Highest Audible Frequencies for Effortless Brilliance
    • Voice Coil 1.4" Diameter Aluminum Wire Supported on Linear Bearing of Teflon & Steel
    • Impedance: 8 Ohms average 5.5 min.
    • Power Handling 50 Watts

    The surrounds need to be replaced before I'll be able to see how they sound, but this seemed extraordinary for Craig. They had a patent on this speaker. It is much like the high-end transrib speakers of today although it is made of paper.
  17. kaliph11

    kaliph11 Super Member

    apologize for the senior moment above.

    The 5503 was the TOTL of the original Craig 55xx line. The 5504,5 & 6 were a reissue.
  18. ryuuoh

    ryuuoh FFXIV Summoner Subscriber

    Pics DAMMIT~
  19. Mazdatech

    Mazdatech New Member

    I don't see any pics of the Craig Series 5000 here... I have a mint 5506 that I will post photos of if anyone wants to see them.... Parents bought it new in the late 70's I think...also have the matching turntable and did have 4 of the series 5000 speakers. but they were tossed years ago because the surrounds were gone :(
  20. Rome

    Rome Holsum Honey Buns Subscriber

    Hi Maz!

    Yea, I would like to see pics of your 5506. Those Craigs are underrated & have a nice look about them.


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