Criterion 25A and/or Bradford Speakers (and Bradford Gear)

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Quagh, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Quagh

    Quagh Super Member

    Anyone know anything about these little bookshelf units?

    Or Bradford & Delmonico SS receivers for that matter.

    Some guy has a set of 6 pieces for 35 bucks and they all look perfect but it's little old 60's stuff from what I can tell. Any info is appreciated.

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  2. RickB

    RickB On the Road to Find Out

    Bradford was the house brand of WT Grant and Company...a discount house that lost their shirt by financing anyone and their dogs...

    Not high quality stuff by any stretch of the imagination...

    Delmonico was another BOTL manufacturer....

    These units aspired to be Soundesign or Morse Electrophonic but were a bit other words, stuff that was built cheaply to sell cheap....

    It was the BPC of the '60's and '70's....
  3. Rolf Zetterberg

    Rolf Zetterberg Well-Known Member

    From the 1973 catalog:

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  4. Quagh

    Quagh Super Member

    Grasshopper says "Thank you for enlightening me Master"
  5. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Delmonico was a brand used in the US by JVC. Not top-flight equipment, but some early 1960s decent tube and transistor table and portable radios. The solid state "Delmonico" in the photo looks like it comes from a later, sadder time.

    The Bradford receiver reminds me very much of mid/late 1960s VM (The Voice of Music) solid state equipment.

    The speakers are forgettable (if not regrettable).

    DENNYDOG Addicted Member

    I really like the look of the speaker cabinets. You could always play around with them and stuff them with some newer drivers. Could be fun.
  7. watashi61

    watashi61 New Member

    25A Lafayette S Criterion Speakers

    This was a help to me. I just purchased set of these speakers and a Lafayette 25A stereo amplifier. Also got the user manuals and amplifier schematic. I was looking for year of sale or manufacture. Appears to be 1973.
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