Cross for...or original 2sd234?

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Kico, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Kico

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    I'm not having much luck searching for original or cross supplier...anybody know of one?

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  4. avionic

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  5. merrylander

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    If you are replacing them in a Yamaha unit use a 2SD476 by their own service bullletin recommendations. In some cases the recommend an even stronger unit, either a 2SD525 or 2SD613.
  6. Kico

    Kico Here's lookin' at you kid

    Thanks guys:thmbsp:...I ordered from ON Semi today along with a couple of other needed items.
  7. tonedef1

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    Hello there!

    Was wondering if you could help a little on a Yamaha cr-620...

    It pops the AC fuse on power button close...

    I found the power transistor 2SD234 has cooked the board a little on number 1 pin.

    I saw you help another Yamaha fellow out so i thought i would ask.

    First question i guess is would this transistor account for the fuse acting like a camera flash?


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