DAC-09 or XiangSheng DAC-01A ?

Discussion in 'Grant Fidelity' started by tututpouet, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. tututpouet

    tututpouet Member

    Hi there,

    Just by coincidence I get to notice threads about the so called DAC-09, when I saw the pictures I got quite hilarious, because I own this, Xiang Sheng DAC-01A bought in China last year:

    And the DAC-09

    Inside the DAC-01A:
    Inside the DAC-09:

    Rear panels:

    Chinese do not always copy western produtcs, they sometimes do some obvious OEM.:D

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  2. GrantFidelity

    GrantFidelity Active Member

    No one calls the Grant Fidelity DAC-09 is OEM. It's a Chinese products distributed under Grant Fidelity private label, and offered with North American services. If you care to read a bit about what Grant Fidelity does, you will find your post is kind of out-dated news since DAC09 has been on the market for 18 months.

    Grant Fidelity purposely use our private label so that we don't service units like yours, and our reputation or quality will not be tarnished by units like yours when problem arises, no one will come to service your purchase. The factory certainly will not, neither will the eBay seller so I wish you very good luck with your Chi-fi purchase.
  3. tututpouet

    tututpouet Member

    I have the same product with the original brand, that is quite amusing to write yourself "and our reputation or quality will not be tarnished by units like yours when problem arises".
    Don't you trust the reliability of the products you sell ?

    The Chinese factory provides one year warranty, every unit comes with a seal and a warranty card. I bought it from the factory in Hefei, so don't tell me there is no warranty.
  4. GrantFidelity

    GrantFidelity Active Member

    Grant Fidelity trust products we sell because our products meet our quality control request before they leave the factory door and our brand on it says our confidence to it. We also provide our warranty to it like other North American business does. I don't know quality of yours but my choice of putting our brand one units we sell have given you an obvious answer. I was personally told by the factory owner that they only put experienced workers on the export orders - domestic orders may have newbies on the line because warranty cost is minimal inside China - I don't buy the ones made for domestic market and do not put our brand on it for resale in North America.

    I do get quite some calls or emails asking how to fix their Chinese version but I have politely said no many times.

    If you believe everything out of a small sized Chinese factory is all of same quality, I bet all North American product sourcing personnel should retire and that is definitely not the case.

    Factory do have warranty but so far I haven't been able to use it - it doesn't worth to send one back and send another one in. The seal is symbolic to the best because I have dozens in my office drawer. Warranty card - I have dozens of them too from all Chinese factories I deal with but doesn't mean I get warranty the way I receive from a local purchase right in North America.

    You are comparing apples to oranges in your original post. A product = cost + service and our service is right in North America. Similarity in the looks do not say same quality. Buy an iPhone in China - I guarantee it looks similar but ....

    Maybe we should add a portion of your flight ticket to China to your DAC price because it is your searching cost - then the comparison sound more fair, plus adding your warranty cost - that's your recovery cost.

    If you never need service from the factory, I envy your great luck. But we don't run a business with luck and don't invite our customers to try luck together with us - we run business with known facts and the cost of ensuring things are done right.

    Well, this is the end of my clarification on this matter. I can write a book about it but many smart consumers here already know most of it by reading on the net. The question is - have you known all of it? Or you simply want to bring out your discovery to call for a gamble on quality??
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  5. tututpouet

    tututpouet Member

    Boards are the same components are the same, I've opened my two units to tweak them, so I know how they're made.
    According to your own pictures, the parts are exactly the same ! Same transfo, same caps (WIMA MKS4 for the red ones), same resistors, connectors and so on !
    No gamble at all.

    My two units have been purchased over a three months period, units are identical. Xiangsheng sell several thousands units of the DAC-01A every year, they always use the same parts, your arguments are at least questionnable.
  6. GrantFidelity

    GrantFidelity Active Member

    Do you understand about transistor measurement and matching?? if you don't, I agree that they look identical and I hope they are identical and I wish you very best luck with yours - both of them. If I go to China, I would love to score a few good value purchase - no doubt about it and each time I did. I scored the very best manufacturers of audio and represent them in North America.

    If your discovery of the DAC09 similarity to your units is to say 'I got it in China for cheaper and looks like as good - at least I hope or believe so' - I have no objection to it because it is an individual case.

    Your original post is misleading to many others as you not comparing the complete product including work done pre-production, during production, pre-sale and after-sale.

    I believe this is the end of our clarification. Thread is locked.
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