Decca DMI-69 tube amp

Discussion in 'Musical Instruments' started by fershure, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. fershure

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    Kent, WA

    I didn't know exactly where to ask about this.

    While visiting my local goodwill in search of records I had to park near the large dumpster where they toss stuff that's not deemed sellable. This amp was there ready to be tossed into the garbage pile. For a nominal fee I managed to rescue it from the dump.

    What exactly do I have here?

    Decca model DMI-69. Made in USA
    6CA4 Rectifier (1)
    7189 (6BQ5?) (2)
    12AX7A (2)

    University Loudspeaker ~10.5" Made in USA 25 watt
    What little info I could find I think It might be a 25watt bass amp but I'm not sure. I guess Decca had some cheap cr*p from Japan in the sixties(guitars) but this is definitely US made. Thick plywood constuction.I also found out that Decca made (makes) very nice microphones too.

    I'm powering it up with a light bulb tester. So far so good. It plays a Bass with the 40 watt bulb. My daughter happens to own a bass so that'd be great if is is in fact a bass amp.


    Any info would be greatly appreciated

  2. KentTeffeteller

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    Decca Records sold a line of phonos and radios in the 1960's. They also had musical instruments and amplifiers also. Some gear was imported, the electronics were USA made. Your amp is Decca Records Musical Instrument division made/OEM'ed.
  3. iggyks

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    Cool find! The 7189s are different than EL-84/6BQ5. Dunno if that speaker's original but likely better than orig.
  4. gearhound

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    Santa Fe, New Mexico
    I have a Decca guitar from the late 60's.
    Cheap plywood body....but very nice gold foil pickups.

  5. Teradacto58

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    I had a Decca phonograph from the 50's. It had a BSR turntable + 8" brown R&A SPEAKER + a brown 5" R & A used as a mid/tweeter. This unit looked similar to an old square tall gramaphone. I paid $75 for it ,as I wanted the tube amp! I parted it out ...but still have the amp! I'll have to check it out for numbers + tubes.
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