Denon Dual-Triphonic System AM-FM Stereo Reciever questions

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    The title above is what it says on the face plate that gives any indication to what it is. It also says Solid State. The model number on the back is QX-993. I saw this in the garage of somebody that I was doing work for. They said they had no use for it so I grabbed it. I can't find any info on this model anywhere. I have no idea how old this model is as a result. I have taken it apart and looked at it. It seems that the bulbs behind the radio station faceplate are burnt out, except for the needle light. They are soldered in there good. I have not tested the sound, as the speaker outputs are the rca cable type, which mine don't have. I'd say this unit is about 15-20 pounds. It says thirty watts on the back so i'm guessing that that is per channel? Other than what I mentioned, it seems to function correctly. Does anyone have any info on this unit? What year is it? Is the sound quality any good? Is it rare? cuz I can't find anything about it. Thanks in advance.

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    someone? anyone? I would love ta get some info on this sucker.
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    Its from a compact system made from 73-75. Original price was $150. No other information in my oldish Orion Blue Book -- sorry.
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    thanks, I think I may let some friends have it to get them started on building a stereo setup. Seems like the only things that dont work are the lights. I'll work on it some more, get some new electronic cleaner and see what happens. Thanks for the info, seems like I've been getting nothing but obscure stuff lately. I got an akai X-1800sd with an 8 track in the side and no one could answer my questions over in the turntables and tape section. Thanks again for the info.

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