DENON SL-7D or Technincs SL1200..

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by voltcontrol, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. voltcontrol

    voltcontrol Fizheuer Zieheuer

    DENON SL-7D (with Dynavector 10X ) or Technincs SL1200..

    I cannot find enough information on the Denon to decide which TT I should get, both are the same price.

    If anyone can point me toward specs of the Denon or has an opinion on this I'd be very grateful.
  2. thedelihaus

    thedelihaus Questionable Morels Subscriber

    That's not a common Denon- it's a real beaut, and I imagine a fine performer. Nice cart, too.

    The Technics has the benefit however of parts availability.
  3. voltcontrol

    voltcontrol Fizheuer Zieheuer

    Hmm seems I can get a couple of SL1800's for 100€, choice is made I guess...
    Or any definite reasons that justify the huge difference in price with the 1200 or the Denon?
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  4. Pio1980

    Pio1980 AK Member Subscriber

    I'd go 1800MkII if that's what they are, a used cart without provenance is a used cart and of questionable if any value. The 1200MkII has cachet, the 1800MkII is basically the same works on a suspended base and usually a tremendous comparative bargain..
  5. thedelihaus

    thedelihaus Questionable Morels Subscriber

    I like the original SL-1800 but the SL-1800MK2 and SL1200MK2 are what I'd go for if you can afford it.
  6. avole

    avole Banned

    The Mk2 of several Technics decks, including the 1800, are preferable , in case you're wondering, because they have quartz locking whereas the Mk1s don't. has a run-down.
  7. thedelihaus

    thedelihaus Questionable Morels Subscriber

    Also they have an improved arm base- with adjustable on the fly VTA.

    And parts availability.
  8. voltcontrol

    voltcontrol Fizheuer Zieheuer

    I'm gonna have a good look at the Denon SL-7D and Technics SL1800 (probably this monday), pics will follow. :)

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