Design Acoustics PS 103???

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by FloridaSam, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. FloridaSam

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    I stopped by a local pawn shop and found a pair of Design Acoustic PS 103 for $60. Normally I shoot first and ask questions later but these suckers are big and don't want to get into something I might regret later. Lets assume the woofers will need a refoam. Are these worth the effort and expense?? They do look cool and appear to be well built (read hard to get into to check the drivers in the shop)
  2. linesetter

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    Great speakers you can replace the surrounds but i upgraded the woofer and midrange because they were made of inferior material .They were made so that the design would give off a fantastic sound without using higher end speakers . Hard to find info on extremely rare .There was a article in stereo review that raved about them retailed around $900 sold oak and on castors .:banana:
  3. Wes_in_VA

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    Let's hope for that pawn shop's sake that they've sold them since the post is over 3 years old!
  4. linesetter

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    Looking for more info on thinking of selling mine

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