DIY Record Weight / Puck

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    Sand Puck / Record Weight

    Here is my version of a puck made from the glass lid of a coffee storage jar

    Hole cutting in the plastic seal was a headache as the plastic is very soft & malleable. I resorted to trimming with a scalpel. The hole was then covered with a wad of blue tack which was then given an indent to receive the spindle.
    The lid was then filled with some dry limestone stone dust (I had no sand available). (Hence the blue tack seal). The filling acts as a vibration damper & eliminates echoing & resonances inside the lid.

    The glass lid on its own weighed in at 105 grams & with stone dust weighed 250 grams in total.
    Extra weight could be achieved by filling with lead shot etc.
    The amount of filling can obviously be varied to suit.

    I think it looks a lot neater & nicer than some other contraptions I’ve seen & tried. I'm not a great believer in using heavy weights on bearings & this seems more than adequate.

    Note If you have a problem with the headshell hitting the lid on groove run out try a different size lid. Not all arms & records are the same so check beforehand.

    Cost – Zero.

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    interesting idea!:thmbsp:
    But wouldnt the bluetac move/dry over time and the dust would fly out on to the wax? I think you could macguyver a better solution. But I can't think of one right now
  3. REDone

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    Not in my experience - I've had a glass jar here for 2 years with the same filling without problems. It didn't look anywhere near as nice as this but worked the same way.
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    Good idea – thanks for sharing it.:thmbsp:

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