Do my Shure M95ED stylus still okay or not with a little bent ?

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by liemjerry, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. EngineerNate

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    If you want to go cheap generic for the N95, I did a bunch of reading and it seemed like a lot of folks think that the Tonar branded one is the best of the three major generics (Tonar, Pfan, EVG). I ran one for a while and found it to have a quite enjoyable sound.


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  2. justjed2

    justjed2 Well-Known Member

    The standard elliptical replacement from LP Gear is about $30, and really doesn't sound bad at all. The HE simply gets noticeably more detail out of the grooves. And the M95/R47XT is actually a pretty pleasant cartridge to listen to. Especially considering the price.
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  3. beat_truck

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    SW PA
    Unfortunately, no. You are at the mercy of the seller. The Voice of Music and Carole's Needles on Ebay are honest about what they sell.
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  4. Luiz felipe

    Luiz felipe New Member

    Hi all,
    I have marantz 6200 turntable, today I use an M95 cartridge with N95ej (THAKKER JAPAN) "JICO", but I think it's not JICO.
    My question is if a stylus N95HE will look good on my TT?
    So I've been researching the arm is medium mass for heavy.

    sorry for my english
  5. liemjerry

    liemjerry Active Member


    I think it just fit to your TT
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