Do you still read newspaper?

Discussion in 'General Off Topic Forums' started by c5corvette, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. c5corvette

    c5corvette AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Palm Beach County
    I do. Delivered seven days a week. When I ask friends/co- workers their opinion on certain topics printed in paper, they are clueless because they don't read the local paper. They get their news/info on their cell phone, so don't bother them with topics in the paper. Oh, well.

    Old fashioned I suppose, but I enjoy reading in the morning with coffee. It is a process, just like playing vinyl. Unwrap the paper, catch the smell of fresh paper and ink, turn pages, fight the folds, etc.

    I work at a large automobile dealership and on the off days when I don't have time to read the paper, I take it to work and lay it on the table in the customer waiting room for them to enjoy. On many days, with many customers there, the paper remains untouched. Perhaps they don't even notice it since the glued to their cell phones. Your thoughts?
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  2. invaderzim

    invaderzim Active Member

    What I like about the physical paper better than looking at the news on a tablet or phone is it seems so much easier to skim pages and I often find articles that are interesting that I'd never see to click on digitally.

    Online it is all about the click bait headlines; you don't get the layout with the text of the article right below the headline so that you can read a few sentences in and see if it is an interesting subject. With a real paper it is more of a leisurely experience as I flip through and skim articles finding the ones that are interesting. More often than not the best articles were the ones that didn't jump out as being ones I'd like.
    I tried a Washington Post app that was like a flip book of headlines and pictures and quickly tired of it. Maybe I'm just too lazy to keep tapping forward and back to see if beyond the headline the story is interesting.

    That being said our paper delivery service is so spotty that I gave up on it. They deliver for several different papers and would give us the wrong one too often. When we'd stop delivery for a vacation they'd keep delivering and the papers would pile up in the driveway. I even went to stopping delivery several days early and they'd goof up half way through and start delivering the papers again.
  3. Gibsonian

    Gibsonian AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Yes, I read it nearly daily, as time allows. Still nice to sit down with a newspaper in your hand and read at the end of a day or the beginning of one.
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  4. KeninDC

    KeninDC Speedfreak Jive Subscriber

    I get the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Washington Times delivered. For weekly news, I get The Economist. And, yes, I read the dailies with my morning coffee. I'll make a mental note of articles I want to read in the evening.
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  5. satellite

    satellite AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Boise Idaho
    I agree 100%. I canceled my subscription a couple of years ago and have really missed it. I think I'm going to re-subscribe.
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  6. botrytis

    botrytis Trying not to be a Small Speaker Hoarder Subscriber

    I get both the Detroit Free Press and the Ann Arbor Newspapers. Both are decent and what misses, the other gets.
  7. ra.ra

    ra.ra Super Member

    metro Boston
    This topic speaks to me, thx for posting.
    That's an impressive list, and I often read three in one day, too. Unlike you, I'm a cheap bastard and tend to seek them out in local cafes and our excellent public libraries, and yes, always with coffee. My usual trio is Boston Globe, New York Times and Wall Street Journal, but I am also always impressed with the local (and free!) Cambridge Chronicle. For those who enjoy good feature writing and reviews (fashion, food, wine, film, music, design, tech gear, autos, books, films) and want to find the best crossword puzzle and other mind-benders, take a look at the weekend WSJ's Review and Off Duty sections.
    When I lived in Ann Arbor for ten years, I was very loyal to the Detroit Free Press even though the father of one of my roommates was a columnist for the Detroit News, and yes, the AA paper was pretty good for local events and politics and town-gown issues. There was also a very good (free!) downtown newsprint monthly called the Ann Arbor Observer which emerged during my years there.
    Ugh....yes, so true - - I simply do not enjoy reading newspapers online - - somehow, the visual distractions are far more bothersome than the mildly annoying ads in the print paper.
    Yeah, like when standing on a crowded subway car or waiting at a windy bus stop! :mad:
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  8. HarmanKardon

    HarmanKardon Tubes still smell funny Subscriber

    Schwarzwald, Deutschland
    "Offenburger Tageblatt" (local newspaper, daily).
    "Stuttgarter Zeitung" (nationwide newspaper, daily).
  9. KeninDC

    KeninDC Speedfreak Jive Subscriber

    My lovely wife is a college professor, so we get a steep discount.
  10. Judas Priest

    Judas Priest Super Member

    We only get the local paper on Saturdays. I enjoy reading during it breakfast.
  11. jgannon

    jgannon AK Subscriber Subscriber

    NY, NY
    I used to have a subscription to The New York Times, but it got too expensive. You will get a lot of information, stories, that you may not get on the net. Of course, you may get some stories on the net that you won't get in the paper. I love the idea of sitting down and reading the paper, over reading something on a screen. I still pick up The Times or other papers once in a while, but I have a problem with a lot of the mainstream media for a whole host of reasons that can't be discussed in this forum.
  12. tonyk

    tonyk AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Loves Park, IL
    You mean the manual internet?
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  13. 1tumbleweed

    1tumbleweed Kozmik Kowboy Subscriber

    Colorado Front Range
    Not the Examiner, eh? Not worth the price?;)

    Larry B.
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  14. bashman

    bashman AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Being a former daily newspaper reporter, I can't break the habit and still get the San Francisco Chronicle delivered every day. The cats and I go out to get it, then one cat comes back in to help me read it. Nice quiet day to start my day. I also get the Economist every week. I like both because, unlike auto news feeds which only shows specific topics, I see a wide variety of articles and end up reading about things I didn't realize I was interested in.
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  15. john111/LZ

    john111/LZ Super Member

    Financial Times is very good at the weekend
  16. CKDC

    CKDC AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I read the paper everyday.

    I see it as one of my responsibilities as a citizen of th U.S.
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  17. usedto

    usedto Lunatic Member

    Central Moonbeamia
    We live just outside a town that's a bedroom for the bay area. When we moved here in 1986, the local paper was a twice weekly publication which we subscribed to, along with a paper from a nearby larger town that handled more of the nation/world news. During the housing boom of the 90s, the local paper became a daily paper, but we still kept both. When the big housing boom started to die, the local went back to 2 days, and now it's been sold and only does one on Friday. We dumped it as soon as the kids were out of high school and just kept the other paper.

    Unfortunately, it has also been sold to a larger conglomeration that unfortunately only views issues from one side. I usually like to hear both sides of an issue, and it isn't always possible to do with this particular paper. It comes 7 days a week, and we still get it, but it's usually a disappointment. Some (very little) of the local things are good, and as much as I hate to say it, I keep up with the obituaries.

    One bright spot, though. I do a lot of shipping, and the newspaper is perfect for padding in packages.
  18. SuperjazzyJa

    SuperjazzyJa 18 Wheel Member Subscriber

    News paper? I remember news paper. My friends, Moses and Aaron and I used to read news scrolls with our morning coffee and manna.
  19. mshultz

    mshultz Member

    Yes, I subscribe, but it gives me the uncomfortable feeling that my subscription money is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The newspaper neither reflects my views nor the majority of the views in this region.

    My mother also has a subscription. When she moved from assisted living to the memory care unit (the buildings are connected), I stopped at the newspaper office and told them that I would not be renewing the subscription. They want to be notified if you are not renewing. There is no refund for canceling the subscription, so I told them to keep delivering it to one of the buildings until it expires. My mother is past the point of reading the newspaper.

    Many years ago, I subscribed to another newspaper for Sunday only delivery. It is a nearby big city that offers delivery in this area. Come Sunday, no newspaper. They called that evening to ask if I received it. They had the wrong address. This went on for 4 consecutive Sundays. On the fourth Sunday, I told them that if you can't get it here next Sunday, cancel my subscription. They still had the wrong address. I ended up writing to the vice president of circulation in order to correct the problem. Then I had to mail back the refund check. Apparently the only thing they understand at the lower levels is "Cancel my Subscription."

    After I started to subscribe for a year at a time, it was easy to see when the subscription would expire. When they told me it would expire 2 weeks earlier than it should, I had enough and did not renew. I got a later notice that the expiration was really at the correct time, but by then it was too late.

    I think a lot of the problems with the print media are self-inflicted.
  20. mshultz

    mshultz Member

    At my former job, one of my much younger coworkers said that when my generation dies off, the newspapers will die with us, because her generation does not read the newspaper.
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