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Does one have to enable APTX?

Discussion in 'Digital Integration' started by Jetmech, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. Jetmech

    Jetmech New Member

    I have the Yamaha YBA11 Bluetooth adapter that supports APTX. I also have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab 8 that also has APTX. Do you have to do anything to enable it or just start streaming the music and the gear does the rest? Also is APTX specific to any particular music playing apps or is it something that is part of the hardware on the tablet\phone?


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  2. +48V

    +48V hi-fi or die

    Tega Cay
    Just start streaming. As long as the transmitter and receiver are aptX capable...you're good to go.

    The aptX codec is part of the Bluetooth standard and is hard-coded to the device chip.
  3. Jetmech

    Jetmech New Member

  4. SoNic67

    SoNic67 Well-Known Member

    If both devices support AptX, they should negotiate that as a priority protocol, no intervention is needed.
    For example when I connect my Moto G4Plus to a soundbar that supports AptX (like Harman Kardon) it will connect using AptX. I did verify that by using Bluetooth snooping (after enabling developer options on my phone).
    Now, I cannot guarantee that that will happen 100% on your combo, but it should...

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