Drawer Problem with Denon DCD-610

Discussion in 'DIY' started by craigtd, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. craigtd

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    I recently acquired a Denon DCD-610 compact disc player. It plays fine, but the drawer sticks on opening.
    I took the top and bottom covers off and found nothing obviously wrong. What appears to happen is that the opening mechanism doesn't have quite enough "umph" to overcome the spring for the clamping mechanism. A very slight push on the back of the drawer and it opens fine. I suspect that the drawer drive belt slips just a bit, but I am looking for other insights.

    If it appears I am on track, does anyone have a suggested source for the belt? I found one place, but the total cost for the $3.20 part is over $20.00.

    Any thoughts welcome. Thanks.
  2. CT Jim

    CT Jim AK Subscriber Subscriber

    If it is the belt, sometimes you can remove it and soak it in dishwasher liquid overnite, rinse, dry and reinstall.

    I have seen this recommended for all sorts of rubber parts both here on AK and vintage sites. Always worth a chance, but also look very very closely for some small piece of crap stuck in the track, which may be just enough to stop working compounded by the belt issue.
  3. craigtd

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    I was hoping there might be a simple (cheap) option.
    I'll look the tracks over again, too.
  4. craigtd

    craigtd Member

    I tried the dishwashing soak approach and it worked.
    Drawer functions flawlessly now.
    This may be the best deal in all hi-fi DIY!
    Thanks for the tip!

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