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  1. bb_bogdan

    bb_bogdan New Member

    Dear All,

    Very nice to meet you all and happy to discover so much info here.

    I wish to build a vintage system from scratch and I was thinking of:
    1. Pioneer Exclusive P3a - TT
    2. Accuphase C-280 - Pre
    3. Yamaha MX-10000 - Amp
    4. Yamaha NS-2000 - speakers
    5. Akai GX 747-DBX - R2R

    As I have never had the chance to listen to them together, do you think they will work well together? Any suggestions, as I have read that matching them is an art...

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  2. MaxxVolume

    MaxxVolume Super Member

    Unless you`re living in Japan, that turntable is likely to cost you a bundle of money. If you have your heart set on that particular model, so be it, but there are many other nice, affordable Pioneer tables out there.
    The phono cartridge and speakers will probably have the most impact on the overall sound.
    Happy hunting , and be sure to post a few pics once you get things underway !
  3. slow_jazz

    slow_jazz Lunatic Member

    SE Michigan, Downriver....
    High goals there.

    Good luck...
  4. bb_bogdan

    bb_bogdan New Member

    Thx Maxx
    I do live in Europe and therefore mission seems even more difficult as I want to spot 220/240V models for the equipments produced on that version as well (not only for the Japanese market). As for the turntable, indeed my heart is set on the Exclusive one.

    Any suggestions on the cartridge?

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