Dual CS 5000 Part?

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Chip - HP, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Chip - HP

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    A friend of mine has a Dual CS 5000 that he loves ... but a plastic part (see photo) that interfaces with the On/Off mechanism has broken ... he has asked me to help try to find the part ... I know nothing about fixing turntables but have a half dozen or so 12xx series dual turntables ... does anyone know if the part in the picture is common to any other Dual turntables?

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  2. Scorpion8

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    There are some places that specialized in fixing Dual turntables, or you may try to fix the part yourself. Try here: http://www.fixmydual.com/
  3. Basscadet

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    some time ago, as I was looking for replacement parts for my 1224 Dual and I was pointed to http://www.all-electronics.com/ that is a canada distributor for Dual and gets all spare parts directly from Dual Germany (for some unknown reason Dual Germany does not mess with those requests)...
  4. Chip - HP

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    Thanks ... while I am not qualified to try and fix the turntable, my friend is ... if he can locate the part ...
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    Try this link.
    If Adam doesn't have the part, I'll bet you can fabricate it out of a piece of sheet aluminum.

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