Dual fet 2sk97 for my SANSUI ???

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by PeterC1, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. PeterC1

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    I have try to find dual fet 2sk97 (SONY 6-DIL) for my SANSUI G9000, but hopefully? Have anybody idea wheare to find that electronic part. It was used in mainly all AU (217/317/517/717/919/x1) series amplifiers and G (3000(301)/5000/....) series receivers of that era.

    Appreciate your help,

    best regards, Peter
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  3. LBPete

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    What makes you think you need one? I don't think they typically fail.

    - Pete
  4. Arsenio

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    Here are some of the spec and possible source:


    (I agree with LBPete hard to fail, best to measure voltage values on terminals as indicated on the manual if they are appearing or not)

    Regards! :banana:
  5. cmechmann

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    these are very hard to find

    every where I checked shown no stock and couldn't find any dual fets that closely match. single fets are hard to match/pair up
    I have these in a G-8700db and thought one was bad.
    turned out voltage to it was being pulled down by another component
    unless the preamp section spiked the gate hard, these typically hold up well
  6. PeterC1

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    Thanks for your suggestion, but I have bought my G9000 with already replaced dual fet on left driver block side. Instead of original - theare was some unmached dual fet on the left side so when I start to listen - it runs wery hot on left side, and it blew my driver and output stage in a half an hour. So I replaced dozen of elements and now I decide to find original mached k97 Daul fet. After closely examinated Sansui prospects and catalogs that I own, I have found that model AU 517/717/919 used the same K97 Sony dual FET (service manual mark 2sk97) and already Receivers G8000 (G801), G971, G9700.
    I would be wery pleased and gratefully if anybody out theare have any failed, broken mentioned AU series amplifier or G series receivers - used yust for electronic parts to help me find that dual fet. Thanks in advance !
    Regards, Peter
  7. Stene

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    Try this LINK
  8. LBPete

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    Have you looked here?

    - Pete
  9. CDFixer

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    If it was getting hot it sounds like the bias was too high, make sure that the offset and bias are set correctly. High bias will cause it to run hot and blow the outputs and drivers.

    I don't think the input FET would cause these problems unless the offset could not be adjusted.
  10. PeterC1

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    since I bought my G9000 already repaired I didn'n know about already replaced dual fet - theare was some xy unapropriate dual fet on left driver side. Sansui ampl. of that DD/DC (patent pending) era was quite sensible, unstable, so working points - bias, DC offset... should be set very correctly. I supposed that theare is no way to correctly set bias and offset if you replace dual fet. Sansui amps can be quite unstable.

    Sadly I didn't listen my G9000 before I buy and when I came home theare was failure in a half an hour. But since my G 9000 (G901) is so "vintage" and beautifull, I would like to make it sing again.

    Best regards, Peter
  11. Ronito6

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    Use two 2sk121

    2sk104 looks good too.
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  12. Nicowico

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    Almost 4 years ago:scratch2:
  13. Ronito6

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    Google made me do it.

    Yeah...I know...4 years old.
    But I was facing the same question when I started my AU-X1 rebuild project in December.

    This thread comes up first in a Google search if you simply type
    2sk97 substitute.

    If you look at amp8.com rebuilds, you will see that all his au-x1 rebuilds have many new FETs replacing old ones. Even where the "irreplacable" 2sk97 once sat. So apparently what everyone was saying over and over again about the 2sk97 having no substitute was wrong.

    That knowledge kept me digging until I found one. Perhaps, now, two.

    If Google did not keep siting this thread, I probably would not have bothered.
  14. EchoWars

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    Perfectly legitimate reason for chiming in. But I gotta say that the K121 isn't too easy to find either.
  15. Ronito6

    Ronito6 Active Member

    Hard to find, but not as hard....and cheaper

    Well, it's better than just one needle in the haystack.

    The situation isn't as hopeless as so many others tend to suggest.

    I refer once again to Mr Amp8. If you study his au-x1 rebuilds, he seems to have used around 3 alternatives to the original K97 FET. Unfortunately none of the pics he has posted show what they are. The last au-x1 rebuild he has posted on his website was in August 2006, so his solutions are almost certainly contemporary components.

    I once wrote to Mr Amp8 to see if he would share what he was using instead of the 2sk97. No reply. I suppose he's a busy guy.

    I am however going to lug my au-x1 up to Tokyo for him to check out once I am done with this project. I'll pick his brain directly then.

    I'll report when we've parlayed.

    Lastly, you can find the K121 on Yahoo Japan auction site. :thmbsp:
    I just now bought eight 2sk121 FETs for roughly the equivalent of 20 dollars.

    Not bad.
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  16. fernarias

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    I just ran into this problem. How about using SK170 to replace 2sk97? I also found that 2sk47 or sk121 are a match but only found Hong Kong suppliers.

    Has anyone used any substitute with success?

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