Dynaco ST-400 , ST-410

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by Foneman13, May 30, 2008.

  1. Foneman13

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    The 400 is factory wired....just back from the tech, where it was gone through, all solder connections checked and repaired if necessary, speaker relay and caps replaced,pots jacks and switches cleaned, then tested to spec.VU meters missing needles thus non-functioning.

    The 410 was assembled by the previous owner, and maintained to specs.

    These are :nono: NOT FOR SALE :nono:, but what might they be worth?

    Is one preferable to the other ?
  2. jpdylon

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    if nice condition - a buck a watt.
  3. Masonic Man

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    Dynaco 400 Cabinet?

    Does anyone know if the Dynaco 400 ever came with a wood cabinet? Something similar to the vintage McIntosh cabinets with pan-loc's
  4. Dynacoman

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  5. stuwee

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    There is a 400 for sale on e-bay, I considered it, the price is pretty low right now, then I went to diyaudio.com and found out it would be a terrible choice for my 'Logans, the low price on the e-bay one, may be because someone has messed with it, looks nice, maybe a parts amp for you.
  6. KiM3Ce

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    A full Dyna system including a 400 with meters and PAT-5 with Jensen mods and an FM-5 tuner and Dyna EQ and decent Technics rack has been languishing on Tucson CL for months (no affiliation) at $1000.


    No wood cabinet in any 400-related images anywhere including the Dyna catalog, which showed wooden cabinets for the preamps and tuner but not the power amps.

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