Dynaco ST-400

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by slick.one, May 27, 2009.

  1. slick.one

    slick.one Active Member

    Can anyone suggest where I might find replacement VU meters for the Dynaco ST-400 amp?
  2. cademan

    cademan Addicted Member

    Just curious, why do you want new meters? Do the old ones not work or are damaged? Or do you just want to change the looks?

    If they don't work, you have a problem in the meter circuit within the amplifier.

    If you want to just change them out, I don't know anywhere offhand, but happy hunting!
  3. slick.one

    slick.one Active Member

    I am considering one on CL and the owner says one meter sticks and the other doesnt work. I'm trying to figure out if this is an expensive repair. Any ideas?
    Thanks for your reply about the meter circuit.
  4. Renzor213

    Renzor213 Super Member

    You're still pretty vague about the problem. I ran a full boat ST-400(meter & fan kit) for years and am very familiar with it's gut's. Do you already have the meter option, or looking to upgrade. Sometimes you can purchase a similar size meter with the same electrical characteristics and swap the movement over. If not that kind of DIY, visit a local test equipment/panel meter repair place and they'll fix you up. Have no idea of the cost, But maybe the only choice.
  5. slick.one

    slick.one Active Member

    Dear Renzor, I dont own the unit but am interested in buying it. It is currently equipped with the meter option but apparently they are not working properly. One is dead and the other "sticks", according to the current owner. I am interested in your speculation about the cost of such a repair, realizing you have very limited info to go on, and if at $200, this represents a fair price. Also, I'm interested in your general impressions about the sound quality and build quality of the ST-400.
  6. Renzor213

    Renzor213 Super Member

    $200 is a heck of a price for a functioning ST-400, especially with meters. I'd guess about $50 or $60 for meter service, if removed from unit. The unit always got good reviews and thought it sounded pretty good. Mine was very reliable and quite the work horse, except the output transistors tended to go over time, especially when loaded with low impedance modern speakers. I went through this a couple times and no job for amatures, as you need to tear a lot apart to get at them. I later converted the output to the beefier 16 transistor set up used in the newer 416. Talk about a job. Not going through that again.

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