Dynamic Audio Pro-poly series 1901.

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Wolverine, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Wolverine

    Wolverine AK Subscriber Subscriber

    These are on the local Craigslist.
    Anyone know them????

    Dynamic Audio Pro-poly series 1901.
  2. vinyldavid

    vinyldavid Proud Jaguar Owner! Subscriber

    Might be car speaks.
  3. ybaolywa

    ybaolywa Super Member

    Saw them on my local CL too. Never heard of them..
  4. snafu55

    snafu55 New Member

    Dynamic Audio Speakers

    I've had a pair of these speakers for about 15yrs and they sound great.
    With the right amp they will work good for you.
    My brother bought them from a guy in a van and there still going.

    Have a good one:thmbsp:
  5. avguytx

    avguytx AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sounds like the typical speaker scam that's now on the internet along with being at your local grocery store and ATM.

    I don't think I'd want to admit to actually buying speakers from a dude in a van and then keeping them 15 years to boot.

    But, that's just me.... :smoke:
  6. onwardjames

    onwardjames Hoardimus Maximus Subscriber

    Besides, Mr. White Van speakerbuying dude has ONE post....

    This is probably a scam. Ignore the CL. :thumbsdn:
  7. snafu55

    snafu55 New Member

    No NOT A SCAM!

    I had information on an item and let someone know my experence with it and I get slammed.
    My brother bought them and I ended up with them. They work and they work well.
  8. onwardjames

    onwardjames Hoardimus Maximus Subscriber

    Not trying to 'slam' ya.

    it's just that with this being your 1st post, well, it looked fishy.

    I have a friend that spent WAY too much for some white van speakers...

    Yeah, very cheaply built, but didn't sound too terribly bad.

    Still, there are countless old speakers that would be a better choice.

    Anyway, enjoy AK.
  9. snafu55

    snafu55 New Member

    Thanks for the post onward!
    Yeh My brother got ripped off,he was 19 and had some money burning a hole in his pocket. I'm just using them untill I can get the woofer surrounds on my Marantz SP800's fixed.
    AK is a great forum.
  10. sealy

    sealy Addicted Member

    Saw some at a garage sale. The fellow wanted $30. Not a good sign when you can lift a tower speaker easily with one hand. Did some checking just for curiosity sake. Claimed response 43 Hz to 26 Khz(with a cone tweeter?) Total cost of drivers - $24. Cabinet - very thin, vinyl-wrapped particle board. Crossover - 2 capacitors/side. Asking price? As much as the vendor is able to extract from the uninitiated.

    Caveat Emptor
  11. chris_rules

    chris_rules New Member

    dynamic audio pro polly 1901 series

    i have a pair of the dynamic audio pro poly 1901 series. i have to admit there amzing sounding they have 12" woofers 4" mids and 2" tweeters and a 3" port. i am very happy with them
  12. johnnycanuck

    johnnycanuck New Member

    Dynamic Audio Pro-Poly 1901

    That's too funny!!

    I also bought some from a guy in a van about 17 years ago. (Not my wisest move), but it worked out okay, I still prefer to use them to listen to music (even with my 30-odd year-old yamaha receiver) over my Pioneer surround-sound system.

    They can handle a lot of bass without a whimper, and sound really natural. Go figure.
  13. Danimal

    Danimal Just a man...

    For the love of God....
  14. Satch

    Satch Audiotinkerer

    Those are the typical white van speakers. Expect nothing and you'll be pleasantly surprised. If, however, you fancy any kind of fidelity, be it high or low, leave them be.
  15. von.ah

    von.ah Schultze! Subscriber

    This thread delivers. :D
  16. rifftrax

    rifftrax mix-meister

    Thread resurrection: complete. Two 1 post count "AK'ers" in a row in the same thread a year apart. :wtf:
  17. botrytis

    botrytis Small Speaker Hoarder Subscriber

    They are White Van crap speakers - period!
  18. bakes

    bakes Super Member

    The woofers offer stunningly realistic bass when thrown into a bass drum. The midranges make awesome woofers for about 10 seconds, then the voice coils melt onto the magnet and you'll have better luck getting the Matterhorn to move. I find that the tweeters perform excellently on vocals for about 3 seconds before they glow bright orange and begin to smoke. A fun game is to place bets on whether you'll see Tony the Tiger or Cap'n Crunch when you peel the vinyl off the enclosures. The crossover networks consist of miniature Coca Cola cans from a dollhouse playset.

    Oh, and in case I forgot... They're the coldest tasting speakers! :D
  19. Palko

    Palko New Member

    God..? Oh..... the holy trinity 3 way speaker...hehe
    I heard that was nothin' but vapor ware... lol

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