Eagles - Greatest Hits 1 & 2

Discussion in 'Music Reviews' started by WobblySam, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. WobblySam

    WobblySam Well-Known Member

    Middle of NC
    Artist - Eagles
    Title - Greatest Hits 1&2
    Year of Release - 2017
    Record Label - Elektra/Warner
    Genre - Rock

    Like 30 million other folks, I had bought the Eagles Greatest Hits way back when. I never picked up the second iteration when it was released.

    This a quick review of the vinyl reissue consisting of both volumes.
    I won't comment on the music - you either like the Eagles and know all the songs or you don't.

    I want to comment on the sonics. As I said, I have volume 1 on vinyl from years ago and I always thought it was a pretty good sounding LP. This reissue puts it to shame. It's hard to know where to start - yes, it's been sweetened for the reissue, but not to the detriment of the songs. It's just more and we all want more - don't we bro-fessor, bro-tato chip?

    Volume 2, which I have no reference to compare is a treat. Henley's kick drum on Heartache Tonight is absolutely insane. On both volumes the vocals are balanced with the "more" that the sweetening brings.

    In short, if you are an Eagles fan and don't already have some or all of the numerous CD reissues that have been released and want an LP treat, I can't recommend this one enough.


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  2. frodaddi

    frodaddi Active Member

    Atlanta GA
    Can confirm, new pressing sounds great.

    Saw them in Atlanta about a month ago with my 15 year old son, it was actually him who wanted to go. Good show, hadn't seen them before. Particularly enjoyed Joe Walsh who was a bit of a loose cannon compared to the others.

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