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Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by truck99, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Have an opportunity to pick up an Eico Cortina SA-3080 stereo amplifier & a matching ST-3020 tuner. They are very clean and sounded pretty good. Found 2 minor issues, scratchiness when adjusting the bass and some of the lettering missing above the power/speaker selector on the amp.

    I don't see alot on this model with a google search. The metal cases are painted white and have schematics painted right on top of the case.

    Anyone have experience with this make/model?
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    The Cortina is one of the latter-day Eicos, after they "jumped the shark". There are two reviews on AK, one is a "it's great for a little 15 WPC receiver", and the second one is a "meh". YMMV
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    I did find this from another post, "In a 1980 buyers guide I found a reference to an Eico amp SA-3080 with 80 watts continous for $269.95.", and "The little Cortina, these are physically small, smaller then the KLH 52, was a nicely made series, especially in the integrated amp and tuner configuration."
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    Eico Cortina 3200 FM Tuner and 3070 Amp

    Talking about nostalgia, I'm checking out these Eico Cortina components complete with operating/service manuals and schematics. I don't really have a need for them, are there any sites that allow ads for AudioKarma compnents like these?

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