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  1. denniswilson

    denniswilson 200 miles from Binghamton

    Does anybody remember the Electro-Voice (residential) stereo receiver made in the early '70s? My friend and I were talking about it.
    I think it was about 12 or 20 watts or so (per channel)
    and it had different colored lights on the FM scale display panel for each function.
    Anybody have any info on it....just curious :smoke:
  2. Brian

    Brian An Old Geezer

    Yes, I remember it. No info. It came out about the time of the EICO Cortina series, another small chassis series. There is/was quite recently the matching EV tuner to the amp from the series. These are scarce since almost no EV dealers stocked them. Build quality of the EV was very decent. I monitor the E-V eBay activities fom time to time as well as EICO for these items since I always thought both were neat (Did I just date myself?). Do you have the receiver.
  3. bully

    bully member

    We're not old, Brian, merely "experienced."
    I have always gauged *old* as being whatever age my parents are. That's 8 decades for mom, 9 decades for my step-dad.
  4. Cichocki

    Cichocki Member

    I considered bidding on this little E-V integrated a few days ago. Very aesthetically pleasing. E-V 1144 Amp

  5. CUlater

    CUlater Member #287, thereabouts

    Discussion inspired me to dig mine out and clean it up for some pics ... my EV 1179 - is this maybe this what you're thinking of? I'd love to get some specs on this little beastie myself...
  6. Brian

    Brian An Old Geezer

    Yes, these are the units from the series. How does the receiver sound. I seem to remember the specs were close to but slightly better than the EICO Cortina series.
  7. rs73ca

    rs73ca New Member

    I have an 1144 that I bought new. Still love it. I did fine a schematic if anyone is interested. I know this is an old post

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