EMIT-R, Tweeter. How to repair

Discussion in 'Infinity Loudspeakers' started by jpb_dk, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. jpb_dk

    jpb_dk New Member

    Having nearly the same problem as described for the traditional EMIT.
    I cant resolder the terminals on the EMIT-R folio. Picture attached.
    While remelting the solder i cant make it "bite" again. Do anyone of you know about cleaning the joint so that the solder can "bite" like normal ?
    It seems that the flus in the new solder is not enough.

    Im affraid to turn up the heat to much on my soldering station and "roast" the diaphragms itself.

    Ideas are much appriciated. It seems to be "cold soldering" from the beginning, and to resold the other tweeter would be a good thing to do in the same operation.


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  2. jeffn

    jeffn Mid-Fi Crisis

    Just an amateur comment, but melting the solder and thinking it will stick to something that not as hot is a big mistake.. Remember, you need to heat the connection first then touch the solder onto it.
  3. Jygesq

    Jygesq Well-Known Member

    use a low wattage pencil solder iron

    about 20 watts with thin rosin core solder. heat contact up till its hot enough to melt solder when it touches it. low wattage iron is key
  4. jpb_dk

    jpb_dk New Member

    Jygesq & jeffn, thanks for your comments.

    Its more like the diaphragm is coated.
    The solder and the wire/terminals goes well.
  5. jpb_dk

    jpb_dk New Member

    ok, problem solved. Do not try to solder it. It has to be done with conductive "silver-glue". Another problem is that the previus owner have "roasted" the tweeter with his CervinWega monsterWatt amp. It has to be changed because of diffrence in weight of the diaphragm (responcetime, freq-resp ect.)

    Anyway. I picked the Kappa 7,1 up for $120 and have to fix a tweeter. Not that that bad at all. Next step is to turn them into an active speaker with 2x hypex 180W amps, electronic x-over to replace the bas-section HF filter, and the top section LF filter. Components in the passive part really sucks. That should be done over a weekend.

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