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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by cp2buy, Aug 14, 2008.

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    A little shot of de-oxit got my EPI M110 tweeters going. These are the speakers someone replaced the woofer with Pyle drivers. I have not checked on the quality of the pyle drivers but they are quite heavy for 8" woofers. I need to do some extensive listening to decide if they are keepers. I do need some info regarding the inverted-dome tweeters. What are there best qualities, rare looks, musical qualities, etc.?
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    The EPIs all used Winslow Burhoe's "module". That is a woofer that naturally rolls off as the tweeter comes on within the frequency range. So they are matched pair. All happens between about 1.8KHz and 2.2KHz. That's why there is only one coupling cap going to the tweeter as the whole crossover. All the rest is mechanical. So one thing is that the Polk woofs might not work that well with the EPI tweeter? But it might :)

    I have some EPI 70's that had trashed woofs. I took a chance and installed some B&G 5 1/2" commercial woofers and got better than original performance. You might too. It's a crap shoot.

    The EPI tweeter was the best of his pieces. They are very smooth and flat curve. No real humps or bumps. No shrill freq's or anything like that. Not fatiguing, listen for hours :)

    There are at least three series of tweets. Masonite, Gold Ring, Gray Faced, and some others. Which do you have?
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    The beauty of the EPI woofer is it's response - very smooth with good bass extension. The upper range rolls off nicely, obviating any crossover components for the low end. AFAIK, most woofers do not behave that nicely.
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    How can you tell which tweeters your EPI's have?
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    Get those woofers replaced. Watch ebay.

    I bought some 110s back in 1975, and lost them in The Great Disappointment of 1983. They were very nice sounding, with just a touch more bass that the 100s.
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    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but after listening to a pair of these all day I felt I had to weigh in on then. I’ve had this pair of 110Ms sitting in the basement for a few years now. I picked them up with a Sony receiver but was never impressed with the speakers.

    Some background:
    My family was over for the holidays and my nephew showed an interest in my vinyl collection. I sent him home with a Denon DP37F table (Grado black cartridge) an 80’s HK preamplifier, my 41HZ T-AMP (needed glasses after all that smd soldering), and some vinyl. He called me last night and told me how much he was enjoying the turntable and I figured he needed some decent speakers. He is currently using some Logitech speakers.

    This morning I pulled the EPIs out, replaced the 10uf caps, and shorted the L pad. I also tweaked a Rat Shack $15 Accurian amp I had laying around figuring the EPIs will need a little more power than the T-Amp. I have been playing these speakers all day and they really sound nice. With the old caps the EPIs sounded lifeless. Now they sound really good. My nephew is going off to college next year and I suspect these speakers will be going with. I’ll bet decent vintage speakers spend a lot of years at school.

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