EPI 110's vs. BOSTON A 70's Series ll

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by SixCats!, Feb 12, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    Well...thanks to EXCELLENT work of Mr. GW in GA...I now have FOUR (of the FIVE pairs) of newly refoamed 8 inch Woofers back in their Speaker cabnits and up and running! A pair of EPI 100V's, a pair of EPI 110's, a pair of BOSTON A-70's (original series) and a pair of BOSTON A-70's Series ll (and a spare pair of BOSTON A-70's Woofers). Today (after spending a LOT of time detailing the above listed speakers) I "A-B'ed" the EPI 110's vs. the BOSTON A-70's Series ll. I used my H/K 730 dual power Receiver with both LP and CD. Geezeee..."in a Nutshell"...BOTH sets of these speakers sound damn good! I did most of the "A-B'ing" playing a CD of NICKEL CREEK. The EPI's I find may be a bit...more DETAILED perhaps. The BOSTON's on the other hand I would say may be a bit WARMER and perhaps better Bass. That being said...I find BOTH pairs VERY enjoyable yet...different! Man...I would have a TOUGH time deciding which pair I prefer if I had to chose one pair. I THINK in many ways, I enjoy the EPI's for their ability to REVEAL the "little things" yet...I also THINK perhaps the BOSTON's MAY be a bit better for loooonger listening times as I find them a bit more...MELLOW/SMOOTH ? I don't know yet for sure. I haven't "A-B'ed" speakers in years! Heck...I could live with either pair!

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    I had a pair of 110's for a number of years. Wish I still did. After losing the 110's in a legal settlement, I got acquainted with some A70's, which I liked... but not as much as my 110's. The A70's gave way to some original Mission 700's. I used various Missions for the next twenty-odd years.

    Related: Put new crossovers in my older-than-dirt EPI-M100's today (and new red-rubber surrounds). I smiled.

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