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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by HWF1, May 1, 2006.

  1. HWF1

    HWF1 Well-Known Member

    Amazing speakers, I dailed in my sub woofer and simply amazing sound out of these little speakers. Anyone know the specs. ? These are so heavy for such a small speaker.
  2. luvvinvinyl

    luvvinvinyl Admin Staff Member Admin Subscriber

  3. HWF1

    HWF1 Well-Known Member

    Yes your right thats them. Thanks
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  4. HWF1

    HWF1 Well-Known Member

    I'm am so excited about these little speakers, they sound to good. I've got about 5 watts pouring through them. :music: (Stand Back) a peak of 10 watts. :banana:
  5. luvvinvinyl

    luvvinvinyl Admin Staff Member Admin Subscriber

    I am the original owner of a pair of Epicure M50s, same drivers and a slightly different enclosure. They are in my LR, my wife's primary listening system. She won't let those speakers out of the room.

    You might want to think about surrounds, and recapping. I also put proper binding posts in, while I had them open. Caps that I used are Dayton polypropylene, bypassed with a .01uf film & foil Dayton, from Parts Express. Got those and the posts, all at the same time.

    A lot of speaker in a little box. It's easy to understand why they sold so many.
  6. HWF1

    HWF1 Well-Known Member

    I just can't see how they could improve. I really am shocked at the sound bear in mind I am using my sub woofer also but the mids and top end, well they just melt around you. My surrounds look great. I'll be looking for more EPI speakers for sure. The best $15 audio dollars I ever spent on speakers.
  7. Urizen

    Urizen AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Trust us on this one. :yes:

    A fews buck and a small amount of time, and you will believe. The sound quality dramatically improves with a re-cap on older EPIs.

    Nice score! I love my 100s. :thmbsp:
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  8. 2DualsNotEnough

    2DualsNotEnough Super Member

    Welcome to the EPI fan club.I would bet that they become a permanent addition to your collection,like my 100's have :thmbsp:
  9. HWF1

    HWF1 Well-Known Member

    Otay I'll bite and give this a try. The tweeters on these are or look pushed in. It looks like thats the way there made.
  10. Urizen

    Urizen AK Subscriber Subscriber

    They are not pushed in, but concave, thanks to the genious of Mr. Burhoe.

    Great tweeters.
  11. Andyman

    Andyman Scroungus Stereophilus Subscriber

    Kool beans, Ernie!

    That sound like just the ticket for my keeper set of EPI 100s, after I redo the nasty vinyl cabs with some nice Santos Rosewood veneer! :yes: :thmbsp: :banana:
  12. HWF1

    HWF1 Well-Known Member

    Andyman, would you post some pictures and tips for redoing your set.
  13. Andyman

    Andyman Scroungus Stereophilus Subscriber

    Sure, but what do you want? The parts replacement or the veneering??
    Let me know!
  14. bob s

    bob s Active Member

    Score !

    I JUST picked up a pair of M-60's at the local GW for a measly 6 bucks for the pair.
    The woofer surrounds are toast, but both woofs and tweets are good, passing a quick AA batery test for output. Are these really that good ? Wondedring how they wouild compare to my Dynaco A-10's?

    Keep the vintage stuff alive !

    Bob S.

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