Epi Series 3 model 120 WOW!!

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by AudioJoe413, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. AudioJoe413

    AudioJoe413 Well-Known Member

    I picked these up on a whim. They were on CL last week, the owner said they were mint and have never been driven hard. I drove a 2 hour round trip and forked over $40. for them.

    They are in perfect cosmetic condition. When i got home I hooked them up to an older BPC jvc receiver just to make sure they work. Fast forward to this evening, I had a little time to hook them directly to my Pioneer sx980 for a little listening time. I searched around on the FM dial for a bit, and after listening to a few different tunes, I ran into the other room and grabbed one of my go-to cd's for a little better listen.

    I must admit, I am a closet Jewel fan, I have never heard another female voice sound so good. Anyway, I started listening and i was blown away!! I had the volume on my 980 up about halfway and all tone bypassed.

    Acoustic guitar was amazing! I could actually tell she was playing with nylon strings. Her voice has never sounded sweeter! These things blew me away in the transients and peaks.

    In closing, i must say I have a pair of PSB image series and thought they were really nice, after hearing these Epi's I'm almost ready to throw them in the trash!!! One is blown,(thanks to my son), I am no longer searching for a replacement.
  2. drabina

    drabina AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I never heard 120s but I have 100s and they are definitely a keepers. I got mine for $10 though had to replace tweeters. I am like you, amazed with the sound.

    Send the PSBs my way. No need to increase landfill size :)
  3. AudioJoe413

    AudioJoe413 Well-Known Member

    I was really being a little over dramatic about the PSB's. I am keeping an eye out for a replacement or parts. I bought these new with the stands back in 2000, so literally throwing them in the trash would be very foolish.

    However, these Epi's sound that good to me.
  4. bakes

    bakes Super Member

    A well kept set of EPIs will do that. Just a wonderfully and simply musical speaker. If you open them up, see if they still have the stock electrolytic caps; if so, a recap will have you loving them even more.
  5. AudioJoe413

    AudioJoe413 Well-Known Member

    Yeah bakes, I thought about recapping them. I may open them up in the near future.
  6. nissan guy

    nissan guy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Most likely a very simple x over that should be easy to change out caps. Have fun. I enjoyed my epi 100's after a refoam and recap. I have a set of genesis 22's waiting for the same treatment in my basement for when i have a bit of spare time.
  7. drabina

    drabina AK Subscriber Subscriber

    My 100s are awaiting recap. I have already bought the replacement capacitors but I am not in a rush to work with the fiberglass fill. Waiting for a nice day so I can do it outside.
  8. nissan guy

    nissan guy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I just used rubber gloves and put the fiberglass from each speaker in its own paper grocery bag. Not too bad to do inside.

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