Faint but audible hum from VPI Traveler

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by stopkidding, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. stopkidding

    stopkidding Active Member

    more than a hum, its sort of a buzz-umble, sort of what you get when the grounding wire is out. Ordinarily it is something I would not notice, when the platter is idle, and the volume on the amp is around 10 o'clock on my Sansui G-99X (160W @ 8ohm).

    Now when I touch the wire or the DIN connector coming out of the tone arm the hum goes away, which makes me think its a grounding issue. It also goes away when I touch the base of the tonearm mount or the tonearm itself.

    Now, is this typical? If Yes, then would running a piece of wire from the outside of the DIN connector to the ground lug help?

    If this is not typical? is there something wrong with my tonearm wire DIN connector?
  2. andyecon

    andyecon AK Subscriber Subscriber

    If the mechanism for connecting the grounding wire is the same on the Traveler as on the Scout then you might check that it hasn't come loose. That definitely sounds like a grounding issue.
  3. stopkidding

    stopkidding Active Member

    the mechanism is secure and I checked a couple of times. What does bother me is that recently I bought a Gingko turntable cover, that sits on the table top (didn't buy their platform) and when the cover is on, the tone arm wire is slightly pushed down by the cover. I am wondering if that is putting pressure on the cable joints...
  4. eurekaiv

    eurekaiv Irritable

    I noticed that when setting up my traveler over the weekend that if I didn't get the DIN connector seated fully it would hum slightly, or like crazy, depending on how it was jiggled. You've probably already checked but I would give it a good push to make sure it's all the way in. My socket is pretty tight so it required a little more force then I was comfortable with at first. And I apologize for all the innuendo in this post.
  5. KOWHeigel

    KOWHeigel High Gear of Your Soul

    This makes me smile and laugh.

    For the OP what cart are you using?
  6. zenith2134

    zenith2134 Addicted Member

    While I love VPI, it would better suit my needs if their "entry-level" was more consistent in terms of build. No doubt these tables sound great (especially after arm/cart matching.)
    Many companies are seemingly skimping on R&D as of late. That's in my own opinion, as a consumer of audio goods.
  7. stopkidding

    stopkidding Active Member

    I am using a Sumiko Blue Point Special EVO 3. The hum is there when you crank up the volume, but I can't seem to get rid of it. It does not interfere with listening music at normal-high volume. I can only hear it when I go looking for it. So I guess that's okay for now...
  8. beatcomber

    beatcomber AK Member Subscriber

    VPI is a small, family-run company. Why not call them and talk to them about it? 732-583-6895

    From what I've heard, they stand by their products very well.

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