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Finding a Database of Original Performance/Recording Dates for Vinyl

Discussion in 'Music Reviews' started by threedb, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. threedb

    threedb New Member

    I've decided to get back into acquiring classical music on vinyl and CD's. I want those recordings to be technically superior. I don't consider recordings made before the 1970's to meet my criterion. (I own enough pre '70s classic vinyl to know from whence I speak). Sellers are fond of listing "digitally remastered" as a panacea for recordings made in the '50s and '60s. Sometimes sellers will reveal the original recording dates for some of their offerings, but not all. Other sellers don't even bother. Unfortunately the golden age of classical music performances on vinyl was the period .from the late '50s to the late '60s. That's why it's tempting to re-release, and remaster from that era. Nevertheless, while much fewer, in number, recordings of classical performances continue to this day. Is there a website that lists the dates of original performances/recoridings so I can apply a date range filter?


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  2. Bob

    Bob AK Subscriber Subscriber

    West coast
    there's no guarantee that the later the date the better the performance. Most of my classical collection
    is exactly from before 1980.

    there was more emphasis on classical music, now no longer that visible in school systems with the budget cuts.

    also the music mastering was better (while today the emphasis is on hirez, streaming, and MQA) witness
    the Wilma Fine touch. and earlier efforts on tube equipment, three mics, etc

    I love the London/Decca FFRR, the EMI ASD, Mercury Living Presence, RCA shaded dogs, the Command
    35mm's, and the early Eratos, the Tulip DGs, and many of the Philips.

    there are plenty of LPs from after the 60s until the digital era that are pretty spectacular. Try the RCA 45 RPM
    LPs, the EMI 45 RPM LPs, etc. Although I'm just OK with these - the Telarc digitals. these have, to my ears,
    more dynamic range and gets into the music.

    However, you can probably script something that scans the popular sites, finds all the recordings, sort by
    composer then works then conductor then orchestra/ensemble, and sub-query by date.

    not sure what that yields except that it would be challenging to decide between an original LP and
    a current remaster just based on date. you'd have to assume one or the other was the better
    recording. and pay the price if it's recent. or if it's a work that's later but costs you $25+ because
    it's a 24bit/192 download.

    there's probably a site/service/book that's equivalent to the rock book of LP values.

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