Finished my Cornwalls

Discussion in 'The Klipsch Korner' started by costerdock, May 30, 2011.

  1. costerdock

    costerdock Super Member

    My Cornwalls are back in the house after some upgrades.

    I've sent the cabinets out to Luke Austin in Emeryville CA for a refinish - I ended up having them veneered in Mahogany with a nice edge in Ebony. Luke did a great job and his prices are very reasonable - I highly recommend him - great service, advice and a great finished product.

    Austin / Furniture Workshop

    I could have done the refinishing myself - however I leave that to the pros - I'll work on the internals - however pro painting/wood work - no way - I'll mess it up and it will drive me nuts.

    While the cabinets were being refinished - I freshened the internals:
    Crites - Crossover rebuilt kit, Crites CT 125 tweeters, Cast Frame Woofers and Squawker gaskit. My original woofers were in nice shape - however the coloring was off between the two and one had a crinkled dust cap - so I thought what the heck - let's do the woofers.

    I've gotta give props to Chris King - whose CWs inspired mine.




    These speakers sound amazing - I picked up a new 180 gram Cat Steven's Tea 4 tilerman album - wow - the sound of the acoustic guitar gave me shivers.

    I thank this forum for turning me on to these speakers.


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  2. tyler8

    tyler8 Active Member

    Stunning.........................., just stunning.

    Notice any difference between old and new woofers?
  3. LAB3

    LAB3 AK Member

    Nice...:thmbsp: with the grills removed they look even Bigger. What year were they made?
  4. costerdock

    costerdock Super Member

    Thanks very much - they are 77 cornwalls.

    I cannot objectively tell any difference since they have been gone for close to 2 months. I know they sound really good and the bass is very strong without being overbearing (like my old sub/sat combo) I feel there is more bass and more highs however I do have a new preamp so that also clouds things - just too many changes at once.

    Thanks again
  5. macyjrm

    macyjrm AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I was real happy with mine (1982) until I saw this post. Gents the bar has been lifted.
  6. LAB3

    LAB3 AK Member

    Mine were my Dad's we picked up new in 1979 with the risers. Pop had them veneered piano gloss black.:tears: They were unfinished and I thought he was going to stain them.
    They still look like new and now my den has all black speakers, flatt screen, TV cabinet/stand etc so everything matches.:D

    EDIT Is there any way the black veneer can be removed and the natural finish could be stained or have them done like yours???:scratch2:
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  7. Frank Sol

    Frank Sol AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Oh wow! Superb are they

  8. invalidbuffa

    invalidbuffa What does this button do? Subscriber

    :jawdrop: Those are sexy! :thmbsp:
  9. cubdog

    cubdog banging through drywall Subscriber


  10. hibuckhobby

    hibuckhobby Well-Known Member

    Makes me want to start on my Cornies...and I just got them!
  11. mr.jones

    mr.jones Super Member

    Very nice!
  12. costerdock

    costerdock Super Member

    Thanks again everyone and LAB3 - you may want to look into veneer - seems cheaper than stripping and refinishing not to mention you can pick from some very nice finishes.
  13. LAB3

    LAB3 AK Member

    You mean veneer over the black veneer Pop had installed 30 years ago?? Custom cabinet shop did mine like yours but not the front. I have the black grills on that hide the speakers. I am shocked they still look so good and have NOT seperated from the orginal wood from 1979.
  14. Zembonez

    Zembonez Also Available In Sober

    Beautiful work! :thmbsp:
  15. JBCobra

    JBCobra JBCobra

    Those may be the nicest on the plant:yes:
  16. SPL db

    SPL db It's all about the music! Subscriber

    Very nice, if they sound half as good as they look, they must be amazing!

  17. harleyrider

    harleyrider Super Member

    You should be proud :thmbsp:, they are very beautiful . If they sound 1/2 as good as they look which i am sure they do what else could you want ...........:yes:
  18. nickrobotron

    nickrobotron that's a good cup of jaja Subscriber

  19. RDecartridge

    RDecartridge "I hear, therefore I am" Subscriber

  20. libertycaps

    libertycaps Analogue "AAA" vinyl.

    Pretty flash, man!

    Front mount replacement woofs are on the way for my II's, but i'm definitely leaving the cosmetics & architecture stock.

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