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First post, Looking for real sleeper of CD player

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by nebfan, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. Kerb

    Kerb Active Member

    Glendale Arizona
    Funny that you say that. I too went back to my old Sherwood CDP. At first I did think the PS sounded better, but I didn't have the older one. I had the one with the little cord adapter. The thread does talk of a mod you can make. Maybe that's what it needs. :)

    BTW, I did hear things on the PS I never noticed on some CDs. To my ears, the midrange sounded almost too smooth. I think that the lower output level may have something to do about that.


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  2. Stop The Presses!

    There are many imposters.

    My judgements have been based on what Is most often found on/in the Serious Audiophile modification services such Musical Concepts and Audio By Van Alstine. to name just a couple. Other modders have concurred. The Units most Worthy of getting and then investing in upgrading because the basic "GUTS" are SO GOOD and sound so wonderful for the price, are none other than:

    Rotel CDP-955AX & 965ax, even the Older 855aX.


    These Rotel units were rated class"b-c" by Stereophile back about 7 years ago and can be had in mint condition for about $100... Throw in another $400-500 and you have a mega CD-transport that would blow away todays units selling in the $2k range.

    Sometimes the first run units are made the best(ex.Kenwood 600T&917, Sansui T-x1, 919 & 9900 and Accuphase 109V tuners ) then quality runs downhill.
    IMHO you need to go no further than these 3 units.
  3. outlawmws

    outlawmws On the Run

    The Badlands

    Guy's, this is just my guess, but the guy has $120 into his system. I kinda doubt he's lookig for a CDP that's going to run into multiple hundreds of dollars? :scratch2: I know "value" means different things to different people, but... :naughty:

  4. OvenMaster

    OvenMaster RIP Mommy 1935-2018 Subscriber

    Area Code 413
    Magnavox/Philips CDB-650. I blew a chance to get one and still regret it 20 years later.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2005
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  5. gyusher

    gyusher -don't go round hungry-

    Reynoldsburg, Ohio
    Most any Sony from around 1990-95 that can be had in mint condition for under 20 bucks. . . I have a Sony CDP-A6ES or some such and I love it, optical output etc. I know it is "ES" but the best part is I bought it for 20 bucks in absolutly like brand new condition.

    When I need a CD player I usually buy 5 or 6 off eBay that look to be in mint condition then I keep the best one or two and sell the others. Usually all 5 cost me less than 100 and normally I get the 100 back from the ones I dont keep.

    I have kept this ES Sony for 2 years now, not a single hiccup. . .
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  6. nebfan

    nebfan Member

    Eden NC
    Thanks for that, & you are correct. I had at one time invested in Arcam's Alpha 9 amp and preamp. They were real nice but way pricy, especially for a guy raising 3 teenagers at that time. I sold off those pieces and bought a used Yamaha M-60 and C-60, hey these sounded great at fraction of the price.....lets just say that wetted my appitite for great low cost audio. I actually have several systems in my home, and the most pricy item that I have to date are my Aucustic Energy AESPRIT 3's which ran me around $700 5 or so years ago. This interest in a CDP would be for the system in my Room, yea I finally got a room :smoke:. Two of the kids have move on, and things are not so tight anymore. I am still a tightwad, but hey its working so I aint gonna change it!! :D Right now I have a beautiful Nakamichi CD 4(gold not red) and it is a great deck. I was just wondering aloud about my next purcahase & the CDP seemed to be the next logcal place to head. BTW anyone looking for a Nakamichi PM me.
    Thanks again for all your replies so far, and please keep em' comming
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  7. Micropassatman

    Micropassatman Swollen Member

    Boise, Idaho
    I'll second, or third...the vote for SOny ES. I have a few, and they sound great. Cheap aquisition too.
  8. Lazarus Short

    Lazarus Short Well-Known Member

    Nobody has, yet, so I will...

    ...mention the wonderful Mod Squad CDP. Mine is the Prism, based on a Magnavox transport, and sporting a new analog board. The sight of the solid-core silver wires sweeping in nearly constant-radius curves to the digital board might be sufficient to make a rabid audiophile weep. [No, I haven't been reading Johnathan Schull again...] Good sound. However, my Toshiba DVD player easily beats it. Get one, great sound, cheap price.

  9. Charivari

    Charivari Fighting Naïve Realism

    Ellensburg, WA
    I'll fourth the older Sony ES players. With an average price of around $30 for the lower end ones, they offer up an excellent value for what you get. I've two (X111ES and C75ES), which I rather enjoy. You might find what information you're looking for in this thread.

    - JP
  10. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Some of the Marantz single-disc players were (are) indeed pretty good. That's what I use on the 'real' hi-fi in the living room.
  11. handhealer

    handhealer New Member

    Nothing like responding to an 11.5 year old post!
    Recently inherited a dx5700 which is (both) not opening and closing well and skipping while playing. I should buy white lithium grease and apply to both metal posts that I've circled in the picture? IMG_1896.jpg


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  12. NAD80

    NAD80 Super Member

    Carlisle PA
    Phillips CD-60.
  13. dynanut

    dynanut New Member

    My AMC CD9 sounds great to me.
  14. bigaltx24

    bigaltx24 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Atmore Al
    I have a Cambridge Audio Azur 650C in my main system, great deck but a tad pricey. My other systems use older Denon DVD players. One is a DVD-900 that I've had for about seven years, sounds great. It's always been a little slow to load, but works without a hitch. The other is a DVD-2500, very nice sounding on CDs, almost as good as the Cambridge. Bought the 2500 at a garage sale for $20, and the 900 at a thrift for $16.
  15. bigx5murf

    bigx5murf Super Member

    Las Vegas
    I found my Kyocera da-310cx at a thrift store for $15. After hearing it I'll never get rid of it long as it works. It started having trouble starting discs a little while ago. I cleaned the lens and no more playing issues. But now the door sticks sometimes, I haven't been able to figure out how to fix that.
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  16. ev13wt

    ev13wt Super Member

    You ain't gonna like it, but basically any DAC in todays phones technically beats out almost all CD players. It really doesn't matter what you get, the differences is so small that one cannot talk about "better sound" - it more like"different" sound. So pick the one you like.

    And interconnects and fat speaker cables are also useless and don't do anything at all - unless they are broken.

    This is my educated opinion, mixed with experiences in live sound, TV production and various sound studios. My reference point is live, unamplified sound.
    Can a stereo do that? Actually recreate the sound event? Nope. Not even close. Nor can 5.1 or 7.1 or sound fields with 100+ speakers.

    Can a stereo get close enough for you to suspend disbelief? Yes, of course! Or do you actually only want to rock out?

    500 USD gear gets you what, maybe 45% of live, unamplified sound (with the right engineer too)
    500000 USD gets you 50%. (again, the sound engineer matters most)
    - of course it is more complex than that, but hey. Its still not the real thing so what does it matter :) Concert tickets are cheaper at some point, right? With a flight to ... Austria or something :) :)
    Run with it and enjoy music.

    Closing note: The differences between a recording affecting sound quality and interconnects affecting the sound quality is like 2000:1. ANY interconnect sound difference (if there even where any) is 2000 times less obvious than a bad recording vs. a good one.
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  17. dr*audio

    dr*audio Fish fingers and custard! Subscriber

    Cleveland, Ohio
    Actually what you need to do is clean the machined posts with alcohol and then apply a light machine oil. I used to use grease but found it gets gummed up. Oil is better. TriFlow works great.
  18. leesonic

    leesonic Hold on, here comes the bass. Subscriber

    Southern NJ
    Philips CD840 or CD850, or whatever the Magnavox versions of these are.
  19. handhealer

    handhealer New Member

    Ah thanks for the advice! My question still though is that when you say "posts" you mean the 2 shiny poles that the tray and laser slide back and forth on that I've circled in the picture in the previous thread?
  20. FileFixer

    FileFixer Well-Known Member

    I have one under my bed. It is first model with SCPH-1001 revision number. Almost in new condition inside original box. I see before that this PS1 models have perfect audio output but I dont have too much time to play with him and also for him audio quality I dont want to sell it. For now just stay under my bed and wait better time. Life is long. ;)
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018

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