Fisher 304 4 channel 80 watts per?

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Foos, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Foos

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    The local thrift had a Fisher 304 4 channel receiver there today 34.95, I looked it over and read the power rating on the back, it said 190 watts, it took a 2 1/2 amp fuse. I then did a search here and found a post that said that it was rated 80 watts per channel. How can it be 80 watts per and only have a total draw of 190?
    My Sansui 5000X is rated at 320 watts and I think it is only 60-65 watts per channel.
    I just don’t understand
    Educate me please.
  2. yrly

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    Depends on how the power draw was derived, whether average or peak. 75wpc seems a reasonable estimate on a 2.5 amp fuse as a max. Probably a 2 channel rating as opposed to 4 channel rating.
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    Very few quad amps had wpc ratings that high! (None that I know of.)

    40 to 50 wpc X 4 was pretty strong. More typical is 20 to 25 wpc.

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